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Area of Expertise: user experience

Noah Iliinsky

Noah Iliinsky Iliinsky_Noah

Recognized expert in the theory and practice of data visualization.

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Peter Morville

Peter Morville Morville_Peter

writer, speaker, information architect

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Aaron Irizarry

Aaron Irizarry Irizarry_Aaron

Product Designer

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Marco Casario

Marco Casario Casario_Marco

Entrepreneur, Flex and AIR expert, RIA Expert, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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Josh Clark

Josh Clark Clark_Josh

Creator and chronicler of humane software for creative people

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Jason Pamental

Jason Pamental Pamental_Jason

Web strategist, designer, technologist, speaker, writer, teacher, irrepressibly curious about almost everything.

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Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun Berkun_Scott

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Claire Rowland

Claire Rowland Rowland_Claire

UX researcher/designer with a particular interest in IoT

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Andrew Hinton

Andrew Hinton Hinton_Andrew

Information Architect at The Understanding Group

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Louis Rosenfeld

Louis Rosenfeld Rosenfeld_Louis

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Clarissa Peterson

Clarissa Peterson Peterson_Clarissa

UX designer & web developer

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Sean Power

Sean Power Power_Sean

Data, Products, Startups. EIR. Currently co-authoring Data-Informed Design. Advisor & Director to several startups.

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Chris Beckett

Chris Beckett Beckett_Chris

SharePoint Solution Specialist and Certified Master

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Richard Banks

Richard Banks Banks_Richard

Interaction designer and design researcher, author

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Ashish Ghoda

Ashish Ghoda Ghoda_Ashish

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Joshua Marinacci

Joshua Marinacci Marinacci_Joshua

Researcher and UX Wrangler

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Ron Severdia

Ron Severdia Severdia_Ron

Chief Technology Officer, eBook Expert

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Matthew Russell

Matthew Russell Russell_Matthew

Author of Mining the Social Web

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Michal Levin

Michal Levin Levin_Michal

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Josh Beggs Woodlander Beggs_Josh

User Interaction and Design Expert

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Jenifer Tidwell Tidwell_Jenifer

Website designer and builder; UX specialist

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Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan Anderson Anderson_Jonathan

Tech-focused jack of all trades, Managing Editor at UX Magazine

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Chandima Cumaranatunge

Chandima Cumaranatunge Cumaranatunge_Chandima

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Peter Merholz

Peter Merholz Merholz_Peter

Experience design strategist, coiner of the word "blog".

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Brandon Schauer

Brandon Schauer Schauer_Brandon

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David Verba

David Verba Verba_David

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Todd Wilkens

Todd Wilkens Wilkens_Todd

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Jay Goldman

Jay Goldman Goldman_Jay

Technologist, designer, speaker, author, generally swell guy.

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Christian Crumlish

Christian Crumlish Crumlish_Christian

writer, product guy, information architect, designer, social being

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Ethan Watrall

Ethan Watrall Watrall_Ethan

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Mario Andres Pagella

Mario Andres Pagella Pagella_Mario_Andres

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Fred Oliveira

Fred Oliveira Oliveria_Fred

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Steven Hoober

Steven Hoober Hoober_Steven

Mobile interaction designer

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Janice Fraser

Janice Fraser Fraser_Janice

Serial entrepreneur, mentor and coach to startups around the world

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Ben Sykes Sykes_Ben

Combat Tested, Mother Approved

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