The Secrets Behind Great One-on-One Meetings

The Secrets Behind Great One-on-One Meetings

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Like any committed organization, your company wants to attract and keep loyal employees who are creatively productive and engaged with their work. And those workers want to be appreciated for the job they do. This report shows you how to align both goals, with guidelines for a powerful process that’s often undervalued: one-on-one meetings between managers (or team leaders) and the people in their charge.

Author Esther Schindler explains that one-on-one meetings can help managers break down barriers, give and receive useful and immediate feedback, and ultimately build team loyalty. With the best practices in this report, you can transform these meetings from an irritating waste of time into a valuable “special time” for both workers and managers.

  • Learn why one-on-ones are important for developing trust, aligning tasks, and mentoring
  • Conduct these meetings as a conversation—and don’t be afraid to be personal
  • Make the process work by scheduling recurring meetings and building in follow-up
  • Get guidelines for what (and what not) to talk about and for dealing with their bad attitudes
  • Judge your success with a checklist for self-assessment

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Esther Schindler

Esther Schindler has been writing for the tech press since 1992. She specializes in translating from Geek into English. Her name is on the cover of about a dozen books, most recently The Complete Idiot's Guide to Twitter Marketing. Esther quilts (with enthusiasm if little skill), is a top Amazon reviewer, and is a dedicated chocoholic. She works from her home in Scottsdale, Arizona, with one of two cats on her lap. Follow her on Twitter at @estherschindler.