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Nov 28-28, 2015
Alex Mang
CloudBrew 2015
Staatsbaan 263
Lubbeek, Belgium
Dec 1-1, 2015
Eric Enge
Webcast: Future of SEO and Digital Marketing
In this webcast, you will learn: what the coming changes are expected to be and how that will impact the search landscape, how that will impact the SEO related opportunities for your business, and how to prepare for those changes, and the type of things you must do to prepare for them.
Dec 1-1, 2015
George T. Heineman
Webcast: Implementing Bloom Filters in Python
In this webcast, George Heineman will implement a Bloom Filter in Python and demonstrate its predictable behavior using several examples.
Dec 1, 2015
C. Todd Lombardo
"Design is what differentiates tech companies today," as John Maeda of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers said recently. Technology has enabled profound human advancement, but we've traditionally approached tech for tech's sake. Now that we've entered the age of the consumer, where we as business leaders have to be more responsible, i.e. The next iteration of tech, must be developed with the consumer-first mindset. When design principles…
District Hall
Boston, MA
Dec 3-3, 2015
Nick Inzucchi
Webcast: UX Prototyping Basics: Fundamentals, Tools, and Techniques
In this webcast we'll survey the landscape of these new tools, with special emphasis on InVision and Framer Studio.
Dec 3-3, 2015 TEST
In this webcast we'll survey the landscape of these new tools, with special emphasis on InVision and Framer Studio.
Dec 7-8, 2015 F# Progressive
Cloud computing services offer unlimited and on-demand computational power including large amounts of data storage. The combination of built in support for asynchronous workflows, event combinators and data processing make F# uniquely suited to develop scalable cloud solutions efficiently. In this session we will build and deploy a service “in the cloud”, more specifically in Azure, leveraging its infrastructure for distributed computations across clusters of machines using Microsoft Orleans and…
Skillsmatter London
10 South Place
Dec 8-8, 2015
Alex Pinto
Webcast: Secure Because Math? Challenges on Applying Machine Learning to Security
This presentation will describe how information security is a different problem and the challenges intrinsic to this specific field that many first entrants seem to ignore.
Dec 8-8, 2015 Webcast: Building IoT Systems with Web Standards
In this webcast, you will have a real-life encounter with the Web of Things.
Dec 8-8, 2015
Markus Eisele
Webcast: Java EE Microservices Architecture
In this webcast, Red Hat Developer Advocate Markus Eisele explores the possibilities for enterprises that want to move ahead with this architecture.
Dec 8-8, 2015 Webcast: Doing the work: Practical approach to Data Preparation for Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.
In this webcast, the guys from SAS will share their approach to acquiring, structuring and profiling data for analysis.
Dec 9-9, 2015
Alastair Somerville
Webcast: Start Making Sense — Fundamentals of Sensory Design
In this session, Alastair will help you frame ways of thinking about user centered design for wearable and internet of things devices using his work and research into senses, emotions and cognition.
Dec 9-9, 2015
Arvind Prabhakar
Webcast: Building a Continuously Curated Ingestion Pipeline: Recipes for Success
In this webcast you will discover: Recipes for building automated ingest pipelines that implement continual in-stream sanitization so that data lands in stores ready to consume, regardless of the complexity of collecting it.
Dec 10-10, 2015 Webcast: Intelligent Integration: How HP Vertica Uses Apache Kafka and Spark to Gain Quicker Business Insights
Join Eamon O'Neill as we demonstrate how HP Vertica, a leading SQL analytics database, natively integrates with Apache Kafkfa and Spark to ingest data streams and high-volume, in-memory data for large-scale machine learning and graph analytics.
Dec 10-10, 2015 Webcast: Building Internet of Things Apps With Superpowers
Join an interactive discussion with Joe Biron, VP of IoT Platform Strategy at ThingWorx, and moderator Jon Bruner, Director of Hardware & IoT at O'Reilly, as they describe the right considerations for IoT application modeling.
Dec 14-14, 2015 Webcast: Eliminating the Data Bottleneck in Procurement
In this webcast, you'll learn about the breakthrough methods in data preparation for gaining accurate procurement insight in days instead of months.
Dec 15-15, 2015
David Griffiths
Webcast: Two-factor Agile Estimation
In this webcast we'll look at how relative sizing and real world data can greatly improve the precision of the estimates we make.
Dec 15-15, 2015 Webcast: Hybrid Data Architectures: Unified Hadoop Data Management — From Cloud-to-Ground
During this webcast we will discuss a few key areas that will help ensure that you end up with a unified data lake and data management story.
Dec 16-16, 2015
Natalino Busa
Webcast: How to build an anomaly detection engine with Spark, Akka and Cassandra
This webcast presents a solution for streaming anomaly detection: "Coral". The Coral system is composed of three elements: a machine learning module, an event processing scoring module, and a data store that is implemented using Spark, Akka, and Cassandra, respectively.
Dec 16-16, 2015
Gilad Rosner
Webcast: Privacy, Society and the Internet of Things
This webcast will explore how the Internet of Things implicates privacy and, by extension, what it means for society.
Dec 17-17, 2015
Dan Brown
Webcast: Collaborative Design Discovery: Essential Techniques for Learning Together
Without Discovery, design projects collapse into a disorganized mess. As a designer, you rely on Discovery to clarify the assignment and establish a north star to guide your team's work. To ensure everyone is pointed at the same star, however, you need great collaboration.
Dec 17-17, 2015 Webcast: Search: Harnessing the most intuitive interface for data analytics
In this webcast, you'll learn how to get beyond the create vs. consume dichotomy, by giving all users a familiar tool to interact with their data.
Jan 5-5, 2016
John Engelman
Webcast: Managing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
In this webcast, we'll introduce Terraform and it's underlying provider and resource models and configuration language, discuss reusable modules, and demonstrate shared infrastructure using remote state.
Jan 12-12, 2016
Emily Xie
Webcast: Coding: Art or Craft?
Coding: Art or Craft? explores how we think about the act of programming through metaphor.
Jan 14-14, 2016
Ric Messier
Webcast: The Value of Operations Security
In this webcast, Security Professional Ric Messier will identify key points to understanding operations security and the need for a focus on it; details on potential components of a solid operations security plan; understanding the importance of detection and response capabilities in near-real time.
Jan 18-18, 2016
Jason Myers
Jason Myers at MemPy
Author Jason Myers (Essential SQLAlchemy 2nd Ed) will be presenting a introduction to SQLAlchemy ORM at MemPy.
Feb 2-2, 2016
Sean Leach
Webcast: API Caching
This talk will introduce unique API caching methods to address the common performance and scalability challenges experienced by providers of RESTful APIs, and also discuss how cached APIs can protect against the latest security threats to web infrastructure at scale.