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Dec 7-8, 2015 F# Progressive
Cloud computing services offer unlimited and on-demand computational power including large amounts of data storage. The combination of built in support for asynchronous workflows, event combinators and data processing make F# uniquely suited to develop scalable cloud solutions efficiently. In this session we will build and deploy a service “in the cloud”, more specifically in Azure, leveraging its infrastructure for distributed computations across clusters of machines using Microsoft Orleans and…
Skillsmatter London
10 South Place
Mar 29-31, 2016
Christopher Schmitt
RWD Summit 2016
Author Christopher Schmitt (HTML5 Cookbook, CSS Cookbook) emcees the virtual Responsive Web Design (RWD) Summit 2016.
May 24-27, 2016
Jaime Levy
User Experience Lisbon
Jaime Levy is an author, college professor and User Experience consultant based in Los Angeles, California. Her book "UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want" was just published by O'Reilly Media. She will be conducting a workshop called: UX Strategy - Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis for Devising an Innovative Product User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. It…
FIL Meeting Centre
R. Bojador,1998-010 Santa Maria dos Olivais
Lisbon, Portugal
May 31-31, 2016
Ben Root
Webcast: Introduction to the SciPy Ecosystem
Join Ben Root as he offers a high-level overview of the SciPy ecosystem and highlights some of his favorite tools to get you started with SciPy.
May 31-31, 2016 Webcast: How to Leverage Spark and NoSQL for Data Driven Applications
Your web, mobile, and IoT applications generate an endless stream of information that can improve the operational efficiency and insight of your business – but only if you have the right technology to quickly capture and analyze the data.
Jun 1-1, 2016 PyLadies PDX Career Panel
Career paths in tech Panelists: Jackie Kazil, Jennifer Rondeau If you want a job in tech you have a lot of options to choose from apart from software engineer. Our panelists have experience in data, writing, and management amount other things. This event is women-only, inclusive of trans women.
Portland, OR
Jun 2-4, 2016
Jaime Levy
IA Summit (aka IA Konferenz)
Jaime Levy, author of UX Strategy will be giving a talk about UX Strategy and also a workshop on storyboarding and prototyping value propositions of digital products.
Berlin, Germany
Jun 7-7, 2016
Fedor Pikus
Webcast: Practical lock-free concurrency (in C++): Part 2
Fedor Pikus covers the main differences between lock-free and lock-based programming and the reasons to write lock-free programs (as well as the reasons not to).
Jun 7-7, 2016
Wolfgang Beer
Webcast: Monitoring your mobile app user experience
This webcast led by mobile monitoring and development expert Wolfgang Beer will present you with different metrics and methodologies to monitor mobile app crashes and user action performance.
Jun 8-8, 2016
Craig Smith
Webcast: The Car Hacker’s Handbook: Reversing the CAN bus on Linux

Join Craig Smith, author of The Car Hacker's Handbook, in a hands-on webcast that will give you a deeper understanding of the computer systems and embedded software in modern vehicles.

Jun 9-9, 2016
David Wang
Webcast: Enterprise-grade Hadoop: Unlock the value of the data lake and scale without compromise
HPE's hundreds of data scientists, and 3000+ dedicated global analytics & data management professionals are ready to help you unlock the value hidden in your data.
Jun 14-14, 2016
Jeffrey Breen
Webcast: Get Your Data Lake Right the First Time
This webcast shows lessons learned from over a dozen data lake implementations.
Jun 14-14, 2016 Webcast: Lessons from Real Life
In this online conference, Heather Migliorisi, Jennifer Marsman, and Ed Finkler share their experience and offer practical takeaways you can apply to your own projects.
Jun 15-15, 2016
Alexander Ulanov
Webcast: Distributed deep learning on Spark
Alexander Ulanov offers an overview of a number of different tools and frameworks that have been proposed for performing deep learning on Spark and compares them.
Jun 16-16, 2016
Danielle Dean
Webcast: Predictive maintenance meets predictive analytics
In a talk aimed at data scientists, students, researchers, and nontechnical professionals, Danielle Dean introduces the landscape and challenges of predictive maintenance applications in the manufacturing industry.
Jun 16-16, 2016 Webcast: 10 best practices for high quality software development
In this webcast, experts from the Software Improvement Group (SIG) discuss the 10 best practices they've focused on in their years of experience as software quality consultants.
Jun 21-21, 2016 Webcast: Understanding Metadata: Why it's essential to your big data solution and how to manage it well
In this O'Reilly webcast, Ben Sharma (cofounder and CEO of Zaloni) and Vikram Sreekanti (software engineer in the AMPLab at UC Berkeley) discuss the value of collecting and analyzing metadata, and its potential to impact your big data solution and your business.
Jun 21-21, 2016
Viktor Farcic
Webcast: Continuously deploying containers with Jenkins Pipeline to a Docker Swarm cluster
Viktor Farcic gets you started on your Docker journey, addressing Docker's challenges and outlining the steps you need to take to create a fully automated Jenkins pipeline that continuously builds, tests, and deploys microservices into a Docker Swarm cluster.
Jun 21-21, 2016 Webcast: Best practices for streaming applications
Mark Grover and Ted Malaska offer an overview of projects that can be used for streaming applications, including Kafka, Flume, and Spark Streaming, and discuss the various architectural schemas available, such as Lambda and Kappa Architectures.
Jun 21-21, 2016 Webcast: From Idea to Prototype
In a condensed version of our IoT tutorial presented at LiveWorx, you will connect a sensor [is that right?], create an application for it, and then experience it in augmented reality.
Jun 22, 2016 User-centered open source projects
Open-source projects often struggle with finding contributors and getting off of the ground. Lessons learned all point to putting the user first.
Portland, OR
Jun 23-23, 2016
Tyler Neylon
Webcast: What Lua can do for you
Tyler Neylon offers an introduction to Lua, outlines some of its benefits, and demonstrates how to use it to add a read-evaluate-print loop (REPL) to your app and Lua scriptability to an iOS app.
Jun 23-23, 2016
Anand Bisen
Webcast: EMC DSSD D5 and Cloudera Turbo-Charge Enterprise Analytics on Hadoop
This webcast will: discuss the technical innovations and techniques used to accelerate Apache HBase's performance by orders of magnitude, demonstrate ultrafast Apache HBase running on EMC DSSD & Cloudera CDH 5.6, and highlight the core use cases for high performance big data analytics.
Jun 23, 2016 Open sourced tools for Agent Based Modeling at Open Source Bridge
Agent-based modeling is a technique used to explore both complexity and emergence by simulating individual actors and their actions inside of a system. Think of systems such as the traffic in the city or financial markets where one actor can have an effect on the decisions of others until the system’s direction changes its course. During this survey, you will gain an understanding of open source software available in a…
Portland, OR
Jun 28-28, 2016
Lukasz Langa
Webcast: Thinking in coroutines
Lukasz Langa demystifies the core concepts behind asyncio, demonstrating how basic they really are.
Jun 29-29, 2016
Amit Saha
Webcast: Doing Math with Python
Join Amit Saha, author of Doing Math with Python, in this hands-on webcast, and learn how to use Python to solve calculus problems, make sense of numbers with graphs and statistics, do symbolic math with SymPy, and perform basic machine-learning tasks.
Jun 29-29, 2016
V. Anton Spraul
Webcast: The software behind the curtain
V. Anton Spraul explains why it's valuable for nonprogrammers to have a basic understanding of the methods used in the everyday software toiling behind the scenes and offers a clear, no-programming explanation of how web-based transactions are kept secure.
Jul 13-14, 2016
Katharine Jarmul
Big Data Wrangling with Python
Author Katharine Jarmul (Data Wrangling with Python) will be teaching a two-day course on big data wrangling. Topics will include data acquisition and management, Pandas for data analysis and big data integrations like Hadoop and PySpark.
Manhattan Prep
138 W 25th St
New York, NY
United States of America
Jul 18-24, 2016
Katharine Jarmul
Author Katharine Jarmul (Data Wrangling with Python) will present a talk on Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis with Python as well as a tutorial based off her O'Reilly book at EuroPython in Bilbao.
Euskalduna Conference Center
Abandoibarra Etorbidea 4
Jul 26-26, 2016
Viktor Farcic
Webcast: Self-healing systems
Viktor Farcic explores the practices and tools required to set up fully autonomous self-healing systems capable of both reactive recuperation from failures and proactive prediction of steps that should be taken to prevent failures before they happen.
Sep 27-27, 2016
Kirsten Hunter
Webcast: Becoming a polyglot
Kirsten Hunter demonstrates how to build a simple backend API with a JavaScript frontend in four different languages—Ruby, Perl, Python, and Node—with the goal of teaching you how to parse what's happening in the code you are seeing and start you on your path to becoming a programming polyglot.