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Mar 29-31, 2016
Christopher Schmitt
RWD Summit 2016
Author Christopher Schmitt (HTML5 Cookbook, CSS Cookbook) emcees the virtual Responsive Web Design (RWD) Summit 2016.
Jan 19-19, 2017
Cathy Pearl
Webcast: Designing for voice interactions
Cathy Pearl explores design principles for creating voice user interfaces (VUIs).
Jan 19-19, 2017
Colin Gillespie
Colin Gillespie at Efficient R programming
Efficient R programming training course
Newcastle University, UK
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Jan 19-19, 2017
Steven Camina
Webcast: Building the Ideal Stack for Machine Learning
Steven Camiña, MemSQL Product Manager, will walk through critical technologies needed in your technology ecosystem, including Python, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and a real-time database.
Jan 24-24, 2017
Jesse Anderson
Webcast: Spark and Java - Yes they work together!
In this webcast, Jesse Anderson demonstrates how to create Java lambdas and integrate them with Spark to process data.
Feb 1-3, 2017
Aaron Irizarry
UX Dev Summit
Often times the projects we work on hit rough spots, snags, and even end up in crisis mode. Challenges can come in the form of clients who are tough to deal with, organizational politics, or strife within our own teams. As managers (or leads) of design and product teams, we are often looked to for clarity, support, and resolution when things go sideways. How do we work through these scenarios…
Feb 6-6, 2017
Kevin Hoffman
Webcast: Beyond the Twelve-Factor App
Kevin Hoffman distills these terms into concrete definitions as he covers his 15 expanded and revised factors, which he explores in more detail in his book Beyond the Twelve-Factor App.
Feb 16-16, 2017
Ryan Sleeper
Ryan Sleeper at Madison Tableau User Group Meeting
Tablueprints by Ryan Sleeper The Madison Tableau User Group welcomes Ryan Sleeper: Tableau Zen Master (2016/17), Iron Viz Champion (2013), author of the Tableau Public Visualization of the Year (2015), and author of Practical Tableau (O'Reilly 2016). Ryan is here to share his "tablueprints"; his process for visualizing data with Tableau. During the presentation, Ryan will discuss his strategic framework for data visualization, tangible data storytelling tips, and the behind…
MGE Innovation Center (Room 50)
510 Charmany Dr.
Madison, WI
United States of America
Feb 16-17, 2017
Colin Gillespie
Predictive analytics with R
This is a two day intensive course on using the R programming language for predictive analytics. The course covers cutting edge statistical predictive algorithms.
Senate House
London, United Kingdom
Feb 21-21, 2017
Barry O'Reilly
Webcast: Lean Enterprise: Managing the innovation portfolio
By the end of this webcast, you'll understand why and how high-performance organizations focus on building capability to continuously move initiatives through the model from Explore to Retire.
May 16-18, 2017
Colin Gillespie
Scala for statistical computing and data science
Scala is a free modern, powerful, strongly-typed, functional programming language, well-suited to statistical computing and data science applications.
Senate House
London, United Kingdom