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Page 1

The authors have yet to upload audio files referenced in the text.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Sounds for the boxing clock are now in (raw/*.mp3) Thank you for pointing that out!

lelandnielsen  Jan 10, 2012  Dec 20, 2013
Page 21
Add a new box on the margin

New text: The Fast Way to Install on Ubuntu 10.10+ $ sudo apt-get install arduino Yes, that's all you have to do on the latest versions of Ubuntu. As of Ubuntu 10.10, the Arduino IDE is available in the universe repository. If you download the Arduino IDE from, you might get a newer version, though.

Tero Karvinen
Jun 15, 2011  Jun 17, 2011
Page 99
2nd bullet item

Please change: "es'age to: message

Brian Jepson  Nov 06, 2013  Dec 20, 2013
Page 178
Ordered list 8.

Should be: "Six 5V sensitive relays. Either TQ2-5V (EL14: 64K3200) or older TF2-5V. "

Tero Karvinen
Jun 14, 2011  Jun 17, 2011
Page 241
8th numbered callout

Please change: pointnd f to: point and f

Brian Jepson  Nov 06, 2013  Dec 20, 2013
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Page 279
Kimmo's bio

About the authors Kimmo's homesite address is missing:

Anonymous  Jun 10, 2011  Jun 17, 2011