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Printed, PDF, Safari Books Online
Page 5
Bottom of page 5 and top of page 6

Please replace the last paragraph on page 5 and the code at the top of page 6 with this: <para> When invoked in this third way, <literal>$()</literal> accepts an optional second argument. You can pass a Document object to specify the document with which the elements are to be associated. (If you are creating elements to be inserted into an <literal>&lt;iframe&gt;</literal>, for example, you'll need to explicitly specify the document object of that frame.) Or, you can pass an object as the second argument. If you do this, the object properties are assumed to specify the names and values of HTML attributes to be set on the object. But, if the object includes properties with any of the names "css", "html", "text", "width", "height", "offset", "val" or "data", or properties that have the same name as any of the jQuery event-handler registration methods, then jQuery will invoke the method of the same name on the newly created element and pass the property value to it. (Methods like <literal>css()</literal>, <literal>html()</literal> and <literal>text()</literal> are covered below in <xref linkend="jquerygettersandsetters"/> and event handler registration methods are in <xref linkend="jqueryevents"/>. For example: </para> <programlisting><![CDATA[ var img = $("<img/>", // Create a new <img> tag { src:url, // with this HTML attribute, css: {borderWidth:5}, // this CSS style, click: handleClick // and this event handler. }); ]]></programlisting>

David Flanagan
Jan 07, 2011  Jun 17, 2011
Printed, PDF, Safari Books Online, Other Digital Version
Page 15
First paragraph on the page

The entire first paragraph on page 15 (the paragraph before the new section "Getting and Setting CSS Attributes) is incorrect and needs to be cut. (Some of the material will be re-inserted, in correct form, on page 5)

David Flanagan
Jan 07, 2011  Jun 17, 2011
Page 92
":first-child" entry

(and elsewhere) "different than" -- should be "different from".

Anonymous  Feb 08, 2011  Jun 17, 2011