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PDF, ePub, Safari Books Online, Other Digital Version
Page Ch6
Chapter title

Chapter 6 is called "Blocks and Operation Quotes" but should probably be called "Blocks and Operation Queues". This is present in the table of contents, the heading for Chapter 6 and the footer of every page in Chapter 6. I have observed it online, in ePub and in the PDF.

Note from the Author or Editor:
The title of Chapter 6 of this book currently reads "Blocks and Operation Quotes". It should read "Blocks and Operation Queues". This issue appears in the TOC as well (the source files contained a typo). Cheers, Jon Additional: this issue also appears on page xii, in the chapter summary. Cheers, Jon

Anonymous  Dec 23, 2012 
PDF, ePub
Page 18, 41
code at top of page - line beginning with [helloButton

page 18 pdf; page 41 ePub. Last line of code begins with [helloButton setTtitle: ... Xcode gives error ""Use of undeclared identifier 'helloButton'; did you mean '_helloButton'? Build failed. Change to _helloButton. Build succeeds and run completes as expected.

Ron Osborne  Jan 10, 2013 
Page 131
Last line

The book links to a Youtube video with instructions to download the video to be added to a project later. It's not possible to download a video from Youtube, only view it.

Note from the Author or Editor:
The video should be linked to a raw copy of the video, rather than YouTube. The raw video is available in the source dump.

mpounsett  Jun 15, 2013