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Printed, PDF, ePub
Page 21
2nd code snippet - add_short_descriptions method

The example shows an error as to make the search of documents with the $in operator on the _id field, the passed argument is not a list of ObjectId: def add_short_descriptions(): node_ids_to_migrate = db.nodes.find( {'short_description': {'$exists':False}}).limit(100) db.nodes.update( { '_id': {'$in': node_ids_to_migrate } }, { '$set': { 'short_description': '' } }, multi=True) A list comprehension is suggested: def add_short_descriptions(): selected_nodes = db.nodes.find( {'short_description': {'$exists':False}}).limit(100) node_ids_to_migrate = [n['_id'] for n in selected_nodes] db.nodes.update( { '_id': {'$in': node_ids_to_migrate } }, { '$set': { 'short_description': '' } }, multi=True)

Note from the Author or Editor:
Absolutely correct -- the submitter's code example should replace the code example in the book.

Jorge Puente SarrĂ­n  Jun 25, 2013 
Page 135
example code in "Commenting on a Post"

strfime -> strftime missing "t". Also, this can be seen in page 137.

Note from the Author or Editor:
These should both indeed be spelled 'strftime'

iwanaga  May 24, 2013