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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released. If the error was corrected in a later version or reprint the date of the correction will be displayed in the column titled "Date Corrected".

The following errata were submitted by our customers and approved as valid errors by the author or editor.

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Version Location Description Submitted By Date Submitted Date Corrected
PDF, ePub
Page 11
Note on top of page

Chef requires Administrator changes to run. should be: Administrator permissions...

Guntbert Reiter  Apr 30, 2014 
PDF, ePub
Page 12
Approx 4th paragraph - starts with "When chef-client is running in local...

"When chef-client is running in local mode, it simulates a full Chef Server instance in memory. Any data that would have been saved to a server is written to the local directory. The process of writing server data locally is called writeback. This is why client-client created the nodes/ directory. Local mode was designed for a new user to get up to speed quickly learning Chef." In the 4th sentence "client-client" should be "chef-client".

Jon Bidinger  Apr 18, 2014 
PDF, ePub
Page 14
3rd paragraph from the bottom

Line three contains a reference to a content attribute, specifying a string that should be written written to the file:... "written written"

Guntbert Reiter  Apr 30, 2014 
PDF, ePub
Page 17
center of page

What do it do? should probably be: What did it do?

Guntbert Reiter  Apr 30, 2014 
Page 48
command in the middle of the page

When I try to follow the procedure in chapter 4, after running the 'bundle exec kitchen converge default-centos-64' command from page 48, no cookbook is run (and so motd is not changed in the virtual machine). When I compare the log in the book to what I see on my machine, I see 'Berksfile, Cheffile, cookbooks/, or metadata.rb not found so Chef will run with effectively no cookbooks. Is this intended?' on my box.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Unfortunately, an in-progress revision of Chapter 4 was inadvertently published in a Rough Cut. I was in the middle of changing Chapter 4 to cover the Chef Development Kit and using a new training image available on https://vagrantcloud.com/learningchef/chefdk-box to make the install easier for readers. If you are Github-savvy look for an update over this weekend (Jun 7-8) for the chapter 4 source which provides a working example. And expect the chapter text to be updated soon here on Safari when the next round of Rough Cut changes are published, which is typically at the beginning of the month from what I'm told.

Jakub Vosahlo  Jun 03, 2014 
Page 49
Hashes paragraph

In PDF: prices[:oscar] = 1.00 prices.values #=> [4.55, 5.23, 4.65, 6.99] After the new affectation of :oscar prices.values should probably print prices.values #=> [1.00, 5.23, 4.65, 6.99]

Philippe ALEXANDRE  Apr 29, 2014 
Page 51
Remembering the order callout

I would suggest that the phrase: '"Equals" comes before "tilde" in the alphabet' be changed to: '"Equals" comes before "tilde" in the dictionary'

Anonymous  May 19, 2014 
Page 53
Methods, Classes, and Modules - Point 3

Moudles should probably read Modules

Philippe ALEXANDRE  Apr 29, 2014 
Page 53
1st paragraph

This sentence: “What do it do?” (Excerpt From: Seth Vargo and Mischa Taylor. “Learning Chef.” iBooks. ) Should be: "What did it do?"

Scott Girard  Jun 04, 2014 
Page 57
First bullet point

deloy should probably read deploy

Mark Collins  Apr 16, 2014 
PDF, ePub
Page 68
Deploying to Production with Enterprise Chef

The section 'Deploying to Production with Enterprise Chef' is duplicating the material that immediately precedes it. The instructions for registering for Enterprise Chef, downloading the Starter Kit, and testing the connection are addressed in both sections.

Note from the Author or Editor:
This chapter will be rewritten in the final version - it was pulled in from draft material written by Seth for the Rough Cut only.

Brian McNamara  Apr 28, 2014 
PDF, ePub
Page 77
2. Build the Node

Ohai is mentioned but only briefly explained. It may be helpful to provide more detail about what it is and how it gets installed.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Only part of the chapter was completed for the Rough Cut. The final version will cover ohai in more detail.

Brian McNamara  Apr 28, 2014 
PDF, Mobi
Page 82
first item of the first list

"• kitchen init - add Text Kitchen support to a project" should be "• kitchen init - add Test Kitchen support to a project".

Alessandro Andrioni  Aug 04, 2014