Programming with the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit

Errata for Programming with the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit

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Cover page

Looking at the front cover, I see Kinnect, where it clearly should be Kinect, single 'n'.

Wout Konradt  Apr 30, 2012 
Printed, PDF
Page 6
Last paragraph in section (Preparing a new project with C++)

In the Kinect1.5 sdk, the name of the lib is Kinect10.lib. Based on the machine configuration (x86 or x64) there is a sub directory in the lib folder i.e. for x86 machine, the Kinect10.lib is located in <Program Files>\Microsoft SDKs\Kinect\vX.XX\lib\x86\ directory whereas for a x64 machine, it is in <Program Files>\Microsoft SDKs\Kinect\vX.XX\lib\amd64\Kinect10.lib

Muhammad Mobeen Movania  Nov 23, 2012 
Page 13
second paragraph

Hi, I try to download the code sample from the url : it just show 404 http error code.can someone tell me where can i download the code samples? TKS!

Note from the Author or Editor:
Hi, you can download all the project here: Thank you

sunnydeng  Oct 10, 2012 
Printed, PDF
Page 29
5th paragraph

I could figure out myself that one has to set the event handler to the kinectSensor.ColorFrameReady event. But I could only get the example to work after downloading the Kinect.Toolbox becasue there you can find that you also need to ENABLE the ColorStream. Conclusion: Would be nice to add a parapgraph mentioning to add following 2 lines of code in Initialize (before kinectSensor.Start() ): kinectSensor.ColorStream.Enable(ColorImageFormat.RgbResolution640x480Fps30); kinectSensor.ColorFrameReady += kinectSensor_ColorFrameReady; Thanks !

Note from the Author or Editor:
Hello and thank you for your great feedback! It is clearly a good improvement. I add it to my to do list :)

Anonymous  Apr 02, 2013 
Printed, PDF
Page 186
Figure 11-2

Figure 11-2 Should represent the way to add new project feature : Quote from the book : "After installing XNA, you can create a simple Windows Game application with it. Figure 11-2 shows the Add New Project feature you use to begin creating a new application." But the image is the same as Figure 10-2 (capture of HMI of the test project)

Note from the Author or Editor:
Oups :) And thank you a lot for your feedback!

Damien  Oct 19, 2012