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Page 38
Second Formula

Trying to follow the calculations on the page, i came to the conclusion that the resulting formula is slightly incorrect. The formula in the book is (latex) $_k p _n = frac{n! cdot (2m-1)^{n-k}}{k! cdot (n-k)! cdot (2m)}$ but should be $_k p _n = frac{n! cdot (2m-1)^{n-k}}{k! cdot (n-k)! cdot (2m)^n}$

Page 134
Second paragraph

This page discusses the use of the type/length field, and points out that the 802.3 standard uses it as a length field, so it's still necessary to identify the type. Using SNAP this is possible. The last sentence of the second paragraph says "The presence of a type rather than a length value in the 'length/type' field automatically tells the receiving station to look for LLC information later in the packet." This is backwards. It should say "The presence of a length rather than a type value..." because that's the reason SNAP is used; to overcome the fact there is no type mentioned.