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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released. If the error was corrected in a later version or reprint the date of the correction will be displayed in the column titled "Date Corrected".

The following errata were submitted by our customers and approved as valid errors by the author or editor.

Color Key: Serious Technical Mistake Minor Technical Mistake Language or formatting error Typo Question Note Update

Version Location Description Submitted By Date Submitted Date Corrected
Page 10
Second paragraph

"Use the su command to temporarily (for this command only)..." should be "Use the sudo command to temporarily (for this command only)..."

Page 23
code below 2nd paragraph

the line; % Developer/Tools/SetFile -a L filename.txt should be; % Developer/Tools/SetFile -a l filename.txt pg. 96 should be Pg. 144 "great-looking screen shots" should be "great-looking screenshots pg. 162 In the first code segment, the daggers should be slash-d (d) and the dot should be slash-. (.) P. 226: "makes it sounds innocent enough" should be "makes it sound innocent enough" 227 it's pretty GUI should be: its pretty GUI Page 246: "10 Ethernet hubs cum wireless bridges" should be "10 Ethernet hubs-cum-wireless bridges"

Page 312

The command to compile the /etc/mail/access is shown as: % sudo makemap hash /etc/mail/access > /etc/mail/access should be % sudo makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access pg. 328 should be

Page 392
index entry

integraged should be: integrated