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Page 23
IN PRINT: Calculating File Size section, 2nd line

"% du Documents/Outline.doc" SHOULD BE: "% du -sk Documents/Outline.doc"

Page 24
Firt paragraph

In the first paragraph, the author speaks about and then demonstrates the "df" command with the optional "-h" after it. When this is entered, the schell returns an error: df: illegal option -- h usage: df [-ikln] [-t type] [file | file_system ...] The options "-i", "-k", "-l", and "-n" work without error, however, none of them return the same output as described in the book. AUTHOR: I accidentally developed this passage using the df utility that is installed along with the Fink fileutils package. In addition to the points that Dan brings up, please note that you must use the -k option to display free disk space in 1024 byte blocks. By default, Mac OS X's df uses 512 byte blocks (which would report 1GB of space as "2097152" rather than the "1048576" that the -k option would report). If you have Fink installed, you can tell which version of df you are using by running the 'which df' command at the shell. If you are using Fink's df, you will see: /sw/bin/df If you are using Mac OS X's df, you will see: /bin/df

Page 95
FROM AUTHOR: first example

The reader should install fink-ssl, which will support .Mac's secure IMAP server. This keeps the reader's password from being sent as plaintext. Please change this listing to: % fink install pine-ssl sudo /sw/bin/fink install pine-ssl Password: Information about 2304 packages read in 2 seconds. The following package will be installed or updated: pine-ssl (the text "fink install pine-ssl" should be styled as userinput)

Page 102
FROM AUTHOR: bullet list, item "a."

This setting will send the user's password in plaintext. If the reader installs pine- ssl instead of pine (see my previous errata submission), this can be secured. Please renumber bullet item "b." to "c.", and replace "a." with the following two bullets: a. If you are using secure IMAP, set the inbox-path to {incoming mail server/ ssl/novalidate-cert/user=username}inbox, as in {mail.mac.com/ssl/ novalidate-cert/user=dtaylor}inbox. b. If you are using insecure IMAP (not recommended if your server supports secure IMAP), set the inbox-path to {incoming mail server/ user=username}inbox, as in {mail.mac.com/user=dtaylor}inbox. (The text should retain the styling that is already in use: the text between and including the curly braces should be styled as literal, as should the word "inbox" that follows the last curly. "incoming mail server" and "username" should be styled constant width + italic.)