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Safari Books Online
Example 4-1

The line of code Type.registerClass("OReilly.Software"); causes an exception to be thrown inside the registerClass method. According to examples in Microsoft's documentation, the code should be Oreilly.Software.registerClass('Oreilly.Software'); And this later works for me.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Correct! Microsoft changed the API for the 3.5 release, which was unfortunately after the book went to print.

Anonymous  Aug 10, 2008 
Page 82
Definition of OReilly.Software class

The code used to define the OReilly.Software class can be reduced to the following: OReilly.Software = function(name, vendor) { OReilly.Software.initializeBase(this, [name, vendor]); }

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thank you for the suggestion!

Anonymous  May 20, 2008 
Page 83
1st paragraph of code

The line: var _isJavaScriptSupported = (isJavaScriptSupported != null) ? vendor : false; should read: var _isJavaScriptSupported = (isJavaScriptSupported != null) ? isJavaScriptSupported : false; The existing line of code actually produces the expected results in the ClientInterface.aspx page, but only because the value of this.getIsJavaScriptSupported() is not output in the OReilly.Browser.prototype.toString() override function definition.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Correct, thank you!

Anonymous  May 20, 2008