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Page 209
whole page

Example 9-3 should be a listing of chooseflv.asc but is a listing of liverecord.asc from the following example. Please supply the missing code! best regards Joergen Nielsen

Note from the Author or Editor:
//Choose FLV to Play application.onAppStart = function() { trace("Choose FLV app."); }; application.onConnect = function(user) { application.acceptConnection(user); Client.prototype.chooseFLV = function(flvName) { this.flvStream = Stream.get("flvPlay"); if (this.flvStream) { this.flvStream.play(flvName, -2); trace("Playing " + flvName); } }; Client.prototype.stopPlay = function() { this.flvStream.play(false); trace("All play has stopped."); }; };

joeniels  Aug 19, 2009 
Page 214

Note from the Author or Editor:
If the settings are either -2 or 0, the application plays a recorded stream. The live stream should be shut off when attempting to playback a recorded stream, but there may be some lag. So, using 0 will work as well, and in most respects is probably a better choice.

Jørgen Nielsen  Aug 21, 2009