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Safari Books Online
Downloadable code

The download code for Chapter 12 doesn't include the Login Example shown in Section 12.4

Kristina  Oct 23, 2009 
Safari Books Online
Last paragraph

It wasn't apparent to me that the following paragraph First, cut the entire <mx:Script/> tag from the ContactManager application and all the ActionScript code within it. Then paste this into the ContactViewer component, right after the opening <mx:Panel/> tag. indicated that I should also move all the Validators and Formating code in the ContactManager and add it to the ContactViewer. The ending sentence eludes to this though: Because this code is all for validation and data massaging, it makes sense to have it encapsulated within this component and not in the main application. This appears to be where the user should do this step since it's not outlined anywhere else.

Kristina  Oct 23, 2009 
Page 35
Step 2.

This is one of the funnier errata I've reported. The colloquial term used is properly spelled "Y'all". "Ya'll" is a colloquial way of say "you'll", which doesn't fit the context here. For reference, please see http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ya%27ll and http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/y%27all .

Scott Thisse  Dec 01, 2009 
Page 52
Last paragraph

Since you don't introduce Objects and Classes until page 54, I think your sudden use of the word "class" on page 52 in the "Methods" section, with neither an explanation nor a forward-looking "see" reference, is confusing for someone with "no experience with...programming in general" (part of your target audience, according to "Who This Book Is For", p. xiv).

Nik Zakrzewski  Sep 22, 2009 
Page 53
2nd paragraph

"One method you've already learned about is addEventListener()" is confusing. We haven't discussed Event Listeners yet. According to the index we won't get there until page 60.

DJPJ  Apr 17, 2009 
Page 69
3rd para of "Conversion, Coercion, and Casting" Box

"You have lots of ways to accomplish an IMplicit conversion at your disposal." should read "...an EXplicit conversion..." [my capitalization for emphasis].

Nik Zakrzewski  Jan 21, 2009 
Page 162
2nd code example

<mx:ToggleButonBar needs another 't' in it

DJPJ  May 05, 2009 
Page 187
code sample at bottom of page

layout="verical" should be layout="vertical"

DJPJ  May 07, 2009 
Page 188
Third paragraph

ContactView should be ContactViewer in the first sentence of the third paragraph on page 188.

Kelly  Jun 06, 2009 
Page 208
Rotate section

"The Resize effect has the following properties:" should say "The Rotate effect has the following properties:"

DJPJ  May 08, 2009