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Page iv

Under: Editor: Simon St.Laurent add: Development Editor: Robyn Thomas

mfshaeffer  Sep 30, 2009  May 29, 2015
Page last

The first sentence of the Colophon reads "The insects on the cover..." I would hope that someone at O'Reilly is aware that spiders are not insects, but arachnids.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Please change "The insects on the cover..." to "The arachnids on the cover..."

Anonymous  Oct 06, 2009  May 29, 2015
Page 373

Correction: e.g. p.373 "Orkut, the social network Google bought a few years ago, took off in Brazil" which is definitely wrong as Orkut is "born at Google" by the "Turkish Engineer Orkut"

Note from the Author or Editor:
You are completely right, Orkut was an in-house 20% time project at Google, sorry for the mistake, they do happen. "Orkut, the social network developed at Google as a 20% project by Orkut B�y�kk�kten, took off in Brazil"

Anonymous  Dec 22, 2009  May 29, 2015