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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Safari Books Online See below in "Detailed description of error"

This is Safari Books Online 2nd edition. There are no page numbers in this format. location: Chapter 2 section "When Not to Use Lists" paragraph 4 second sentence. (perhaps to support a profile page on that Facebook-killer you’re been meaning to build) should be: (perhaps to support a profile page on that Facebook-killer you’ve been meaning to build)

Anonymous  Nov 17, 2016 
Other Digital Version 63
Paragraph: "What does your function need to do"

"...within the funtion code suite." Missing c in function

Don van de Merwe  Aug 28, 2016 
Other Digital Version 66
Bullet point 11

"...more convenient to use that an equivalent while loop." "than" instead of "that"

Don van de Merwe  Aug 28, 2016 
PDF Page 88
first graphical representation of list

The listified string in the example is "Marvin, the Paranoid Android" and the illustrated version spells "paranoid" incorrectly - "pararnoid". This matters because it's a list slicing exercise, so when the example selects slice [12:20] it appears to return the letter at index 20, even though it shouldn't.

Marianna Foos  Jan 02, 2017 
Printed Page 238
last line with "Home": "/index.htm"

The Home link gives 404. The same problem on page 246. I did solve the problem with a complete path.

Peter van Diepen  Aug 22, 2016