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PDF Page 175
Section 5.

I realize that I'm using an updated version of media, but since it looks as though this will be the new way of doing it, Assigning a style has changed. in the version of media 7.x-2.0. You now assign the style by admin>structure>file-types click on "manage file display" next to the file type, in our case "images" then click on "Full Content" link - upper right. then under image styles, select your style here, in the case of the book, "Large" Now to get back on track in the book, in step 5, select "content" instead of large. Not sure if this is the best way, but it worked for the sake of this book. reference:

Chris Green  Feb 25, 2014 
Printed Page 302
The bottom of the list of permissions

The list of permissions is missing a moderation flow from "Needs Staff Review" to "Published." It seems it should be checked for both editor and administrator.

Elliot Voris  Oct 21, 2013 
Other Digital Version 424
Table 9-16

Values for "Content: Path" do not mention checking "Use absolute link", without which the link on "Field: Image" will not be correct.

Art  May 28, 2012