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Printed Page page 62

I found an issue and a simple correction with the Monski Pong project that I would like to share with you. I am using Processing version 2.0.3. and the current code works except for displaying the score. The code: // create a font with the third font available to the system: PFont myFont = createFont(PFont.list()[2], fontSize); Does not read when compiled with the Processing version 2.0.3. If the score is to be displayed and the score reset function is to work as described and shown in the book on page 62 figure 2-14 then the following change must be implemented: // create a font with the third font available to the system: PFont myFont = createFont("Arial",fontSize,true); This was the only way I could make the score work for the project as described in the text.

Anonymous  Jan 02, 2014 
Printed Page 44
First diagram

DB-9 Serial connector pins 1 to 5 appear to be numbered the wrong way around. That is, pin 1 shown should be 5, 4 should be 2, and so on.

Anonymous  Aug 04, 2013