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spotlight query language from "missing CD"

link is broken by mac intro of mountain lion

Kathy Dalton  May 23, 2012 
PDF Page 1
Missing CD-ROM: Setting Up a Dial-Up Modem, p 1

Instruction — Password. Specify your ISP account password here. Turn on “Save password” if you’d rather not retype it every time you connect. There is no option to save password; it just automatically saves it in the window labeled Password.

Anonymous  Dec 09, 2011 
Printed Page 1

I have scoured Pogue's manual and find no reference to Apple Hardware Test. If it's there, where is it? If it's not, why no mention of it?

John Delack  Jul 08, 2012 
PDF Page 1
Entire Document

In Chapter 16, Enabling the Root User account (Free PDF), the information presented does not work AT ALL anymore. That said, here is the CORRECT fix / information (at least, it is correct for me on my Mac Mini that is running OSX Version 10.7.5 [Lion]) ... Note that this is FROM APPLE ! And yes, it is very accurate ... I just followed exactly what it said for OSX Lion ... worked like a champ :-)

Anonymous  Nov 15, 2012 
PDF Page 6
Figure I-1: First Sentence

The sentence reads: "Knowing what you're doing on the Mac often requires knowing THAT things are called" I think it should read: "Knowing what you're doing on the Mac often requires knowing WHAT things are called"

Anonymous  Mar 29, 2012 
Printed Page 12
the Note

"If you have a non-Apple mouse that has as scroll wheel, then the Mouse preference pane doesn't offer this scroll-direction.You can still reverse the Lion scroll-direction logic, though, if you're handy in Terminal (Chapther 16)." True, there is no option in the Mouse pane, but the scroll wheel on a non-Apple mouse behaves the same way as the trackpad scrolling. So you don't need to use the terminal, you can go into the Trackpad preference pane instead, and then go to Scroll & zoom there, and disable Scroll direction: Natural. I do not know if the options for trackpad is available without one, since I only have a Macbook Pro, but still worth noting that at least Macbook users does have this option without needing to resort to the Terminal.

Stian Drøbak  Nov 19, 2011 
Safari Books Online 15
5th paragraph

If the Mac asks for your password, type it and then click Log In (or press Return). You arrive at the desktop. I suggest : If the Mac asks for your password, type it and then click the grey icon with a right arrow (or press Return). You arrive at the desktop.

Johann POLEWCZYK  Nov 23, 2011 
Safari Books Online 16
Figure 1-1 - Inset: paragraph

Inset: At this point, you're asked to type in your password. Type it, and then click Log In (or press Return). I suggest : Inset: At this point, you're asked to type in your password. Type it, and then click the grey icon with a right arrow (or press Return).

Johann POLEWCZYK  Nov 23, 2011 
Safari Books Online 17
4th item in the bulleted list

When you click a folder's icon, you get a stack--an arcing row of icons, or a grid of them, that indicates what's inside. See page 134 for more on stacks. I suggest : When you click a folder's icon, you get a stack--an arcing row of icons, a grid or a list of them, that indicates what's inside. See page 134 for more on stacks.

Johann POLEWCZYK  Nov 24, 2011 
Printed Page 22
text line 16

“… requirement to press the ⌘ key is new in Lion.” This requirement is also in OS 10.6.8.

Note from the Author or Editor:
You are correct--thank you! Fixed in the 2nd printing, May 2012.

Thomas Godfrey  Dec 03, 2011 
PDF Page 35
United States

"Your Page Up and Page Down keys let you scroll up and down, one screen at a time, without having to take your hands off the keyboard. The Home and End keys are generally useful for jumping directly to the top or bottom of your document " However, on myMacBook Air, these keys do not exist. It would be nice to describe their kbd equivalents: Home: fn+left arrow End: fn+right arrow Pg Up: fn+up arrow (mentioned, p. 232) Pg Dwn: fn+down arrow as well as beginning of line: Control-a end of line: Control-e

David Biesack  Oct 25, 2012 
Mobi Page 43-47

There are references to page ranges, such as "pages 43-47." Page numbers are provided and are unlinked. For instance at loc 2742, 6718, 15318

Anonymous  Sep 23, 2013 
Printed Page 104
"Gem in the Rough" box, 4th paragraph

Spotlight did not accept the syntax: pow(6,6) However, it accepts the following alternatives: 6^6 6**6

Anonymous  Feb 25, 2012 
Printed, PDF Page 135
Figure 4-2 Last paragraph

"...and the press the space bar." I believe this should read: "...and then press the space bar."

cherrypi3  Jul 29, 2012 
Printed, PDF Page 149
"Rearranging or Removing Toolbar Icons" paragraph

The last sentence of the paragraph reads: "You can also get rid of a toolbar icon by right-clicking it and choosing Remove Item from the shortcut menu." This sentence should be deleted because the Remove Item option is not present in Lion.

cherrypi3  Jul 30, 2012 
Printed Page 167
2nd Tip

As of the OS X 10.7.3 update, cycle through the Launchpad backdrops by pressing Control-Option-Command-B (instead of the previous keystroke Command-B). The Launchpad icons also wiggle while the Control-Option-Command keys are held down.

Anonymous  Mar 07, 2012 
Printed Page 181
Deleting a Desktop section

The "delete desktop" symbol is an X in a circle, not a minus sign.

Anonymous  Mar 07, 2012 
Printed Page 186
Unchained Widgets box

1. The correct command is: defaults write devmode YES (not "demode" as printed). 2. Before you can move a widget onto the desktop, you'll need to restart Dashboard. One way to do this is by logging out of your account (Apple -> Log Out) and signing back in. 3. After you're done rearranging, you can exit editing mode by replacing "YES" with "NO" in the above command and restarting Dashboard again.

Anonymous  Mar 09, 2012 
Printed Page 187
Dictionary heading, 3rd sentence

The navigation buttons in the upper-left corner of the Dictionary widget are actually left and right arrows, not up and down.

Anonymous  Mar 09, 2012 
PDF Page 206

Double-click the window’s title bar. (If this doesn’t work, choose aÆSystem Pref- erencesÆAppearance. Make sure “Double-click a window’s title bar to minimize” is turned on.) Should be Sys Pref -> General.

Mark Wilk Moloney  Mar 22, 2012 
Printed Page 218
Line before Spotlight heading

"by clicking the [up] button to the right of the Where pop-up menu" should read: ""by clicking the [up] button to the right of the Save As pop-up menu"

Anonymous  Mar 30, 2012 
Printed Page 233
Last paragraph.

"The Home key jumps to the top ....". What "Home" key? I don't see a Home key on my Macbook Pro.

Anonymous  Jun 16, 2012 
Printed Page 234
Bottom of page

The Help key no longer exists on the current full-size Mac desktop keyboard. It was replaced by the Fn key.

Anonymous  Apr 11, 2012 
Printed Page 236
5th paragraph

"There's a picture on page 236." should read: "There's a picture on page 237."

Anonymous  Apr 11, 2012 
Printed Page 262
1st paragraph

"In all cases, the backup disk must be bigger than the drive you're backing up (preferably much bigger)." This should read "bigger than the used amount of the drive you're backing up". For example, I have a 1 TB drive of which about 75 GB is used, so my backup disk needs to be at least 75 GB. Apple does recommend that the backup be at least the capacity of the drive being backed up (1 TB in my case), but that's not a requirement.

allenstenger  Mar 21, 2012 
Printed, PDF, Safari Books Online Page 280
third bullet under Time Machine

Third bullet states: "Add another bullet with text:" This seems like a space holder ? might want to check #2 on page 269 backup disk should say Select Disk

Mark Douglas Greco  Feb 29, 2012 
Printed Page 334
Desktop pictures section, first para

The text and figure 9-6 refer to a range of desktop pictures from Apple (Nature, Plants, Art etc.), but OS X Lion as installed on new macs seems to have dropped those and you only get the "Desktop Pictures" folder (unless you upgrade from Snow Leopard etc. in which case they are retained from the previous version). At least, that is what I have, and hunting around the internet it seems to be a Lion change, rather than an error. If there is a way to add them, or a website to get the old ones from, that would be a useful edit to the next edition (probably have to wait for Mountain Lion now, I guess).

Richard Butlin  Jun 23, 2012 
Printed Page 343
"Lion Watch"

The last 3 sentences on the page: "If you close your laptop while it's connected to an external monitor, the machine doesn't go to sleep. Instead, it keeps the external monitor on. The laptop remains on, so you can keep right on working..."; BUT, if you close the laptop, you've got NO keyboard and NO trackpad, so how the hell are you going to keep on working?

Anonymous  Mar 31, 2012 
Printed Page 343
Lion Watch-Last 3 sentences. The laptop remains on.........

This only works if you have a separate mouse/trackpad and keyboard which converts the laptop to a desktop, however you can't turn the computer on with the cover closed.

Jay Downing  Apr 17, 2012 
Printed Page 344 - 348
UPS Battery function omitted

There is no discussion that I could find of the function and settings in the System Preferences . . . > Energy Saver when a UPS Back-system (such as an APC Back-UPS CS 350 - in my case) is connected via USB to the Mac (Mac mini mid 2011 - in my case). APC has not updated it's own driver for several years. I searched and searched through the Mac OS X Lion MM and over the web finding little information, some horror stories, and eventually a post on a forum that Apple has been writing there own drivers starting with Snow Leopard. Sure enough, when I went to System Preferences . . . > Energy Saver, I found that the UPS was recognized and was able to set reasonable functionality and controls using the dialog windows that were presented. In my web search, I found posts indicating to stay away from using any Sleep function when on UPS battery power and recommended setting the Sleep function to Never when on battery power. This whole subject should be added to Errata and future editions after investigation of the reliability of the software, probably testing different Macs. This omission may be in other versions, I don't know, I only have the First Edition printed edition. It is also worth checking if the Snow Leopard MM has discussed this. It would be logical to assume that this omission may also be there. If this information is in the MM, then the problem is the index, I looked for UPS functionality info and could find nothing. Thanks for such great books, I am a long time repeat buyer of MM books. Best Regards, Bill Caplinger UWF Physics Lab Manager (ret)

Bill Caplinger  Jun 12, 2012 
Printed Page 438
Gem In The Rough ("The Sparse Image")

The book suggests creating a sparse disk image, when I believe it should really be recommending the creation of a sparse bundle disk image instead.

Chris Hartman  Feb 26, 2012 
Printed Page 439
middle of page

The text says you can turn a disk image into a disk by either: 1, using the disk utility Burn function or 2. right clicking on burn from the shortcut menu. When I burnt a disk using the shortcut menu it copied the .dmg file to the disk but did not make the disk executable. When I went through the disk utility menu, the disk I burned was executable.

Bert Schultz  Jun 04, 2016 
Printed Page 447
power users clinic

The window refers to Xcode being downloaded to the Developer folder. In fact the most recent version of Xcode now goes into the Applications folder. Thanks for a very useful book for a Mac newcomer.

Antony Fryer  Apr 25, 2012 
Printed Page 464
Figure 11-7

Figure is actually of burning a CD rather than ripping from a CD as described.

Van  Jan 31, 2012 
Printed Page 623
2nd paragraph

The text says that the command line prompt is shown in Figure 16.2. The prompt is shown at the bottom of Figure 16.1

Byron Barclay  Mar 28, 2012 
Printed Page 671
9th (last) paragraph

This page refers to the "Missing CD" Page. The Missing CD for Chapter 16 refers to "Enabling the Root Account". The errors lie in this area: 1. The section starts by referencing Leopard; it should be for Lion. 2. It refers to a Directory Utility Program in the Utilities folder. But this program does not exist in this folder.

Peter Wait  Apr 29, 2012 
Printed Page 709
First paragraph

The section headed Importing Old Mail should have a cross-reference to the corresponding section headed Exporting Mailboxes on page 740, and the exporting section should have a cross-reference back to this section. Also it should be possible to locate both of these important sections via the index, both directly (under import/export) and indirectly (under mail).

Stephen Yates  Aug 07, 2012 
Printed, PDF Page 835
Reinstalling Lion: Tricks of the Trade Paragraphs 3,4,5

I wanted to do a clean install after buying a new MacBook Pro with Lion already installed because I transferred all my old stuff from an external drive with my old system OS X 10.6 Time Machine data and didn't like the results. I went to the App Store to download Lion, but did not have the problem mentioned in paragraph 5. I wanted to save a copy of the Lion installer program as suggested in paragraphs 3 and 4, but the program gives you no chance to stop the install before completing and erasing itself. In trying to stop the install right after the download I powered down. Whenever I powered up to look at what I had on my hard drive, the install would continue. So I connected my MacBook Pro to my old Mac in Target disk mode to look at the MacBook hard drive. I could not find "Install Mac OS X Lion". But I did find folder "Mac OS X Install Data" with many files including "InstallESD.dmg" as mentioned on p.842 under Phase 2: Build Your Installer Paragraphs 4-5. However, following these instructions produced a flash drive that caused errors when using it to Restore to an erased internal hard drive. I still have no Lion Install disk. Please correct p. 835 and p. 842 to cover this activity. Please recommend avoiding the Setup Assistant until backing up a copy of installed Lion to use in case you want to "undo" the results of Setup Assistant.

cherrypi3  Jul 31, 2012 
PDF Page 883
whole page

When viewing the PDF edition in Adobe Reader, the table of contents link for the Index displays an unnumbered page with just the word "Index", and the following unnumbered page is totally blank. This gives the impression that the Index is blank/missing. The actual Index begins on numbered page 885. The PDF is clearly mimicking the paper edition. A simple fix would be for the Table of Contents line for the Index to link to page 885.

Ward Clark  Nov 13, 2011 
Printed Page 908
1st column

"VirtualBox , 318" is listed on this page of the index. There's no reference to VirtualBox in the book's text. I'm suspicious of the reasons for this. PDF version is the same.

Alan Henderson  Mar 14, 2012