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ePub, Safari Books Online Page GNQXsWWhcHXmTe

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, PDF, Safari Books Online, Other Digital Version Page cyfeiZVANqKQ

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Printed, ePub, Safari Books Online, Other Digital Version Page dLRQqzTfjwFN

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Printed, PDF, ePub Page CqugoTydAaaVpZ

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xibltyjngal  Jul 16, 2016 
Printed, PDF Page 110
2nd paragraph

The first sentence of the second paragraph should be changed from "To delete a group...then choose Ungroup Layers from the shortcut menu." to "To delete a groups...the choose Delete Group from the shortcut menu."

Hai Nguyen  Jan 10, 2015 
Printed Page 33
botton (NOTE)

A solid state disk (SSD) has no moving mechanical components, i.e. it does not spin. Therefore it should read: "stick with solid state disks (SSD) or a hard-disk rated at 7200 RPM ..."

Bruno  Apr 28, 2014 
Printed Page 725
Under 3. /Jpeg / Progressive

The book states that progressive jpegs load row-by-row, like a waterfall. This is not accurate. Instead, progressive jpegs will display as a series of overlays, enabling viewers to see a low-resolution version of the image before it downloads completely. On their website, Adobe describes: "Choose Progressive JPEG to create an image that downloads progressively in a Web browser. The image displays initially at low resolution and transitions to full resolution, enabling viewers to see a version of the image while waiting for downloading to finish."

Anonymous  Feb 03, 2014 
Printed Page 151
3rd paragraph

On PC, need to Alt-click (not CTRL) to get desired mask.

Jan Klapetzky  Jan 25, 2013 
Printed Page 72
Fifth bullet point

Printed version states that L2 represents "the angle between the two lines". In fact, it represents "the length of the second arm of the protractor" (L1 is thus the length of the first arm). The angle between the two lines is displayed under A when protractor tool is used.

Anonymous  Dec 11, 2012