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FileMaker Pro 12: The Missing Manual

Errata for FileMaker Pro 12: The Missing Manual

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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

The following errata were submitted by our customers and have not yet been approved or disproved by the author or editor. They solely represent the opinion of the customer.

Color Key: Serious Technical Mistake Minor Technical Mistake Language or formatting error Typo Question Note Update

Version Location Description Submitted By Date Submitted
Printed, PDF, ePub, Mobi, Safari Books Online, Other Digital Version Page 1

***Setting this to Needs Review until I get the list of corrections that I can post for the print version readers.*** A few keen-eyed readers have spotted several incorrect page references in the first printing of FileMaker Pro 12: The Missing Manual. A page reference is any time we say something like "see page 333 for more information about Spice Weasels". We've worked to track down and correct all of them for the second printing. If you own the eBook version, check for your free update in January 2013.

Stuart Gripman
Stuart Gripman
Dec 11, 2012 
Printed Page 96
First bullet under "Using Object Grids" section

The first bullet states "to skirt the grid temporarily, press Ctrl as you drag the object. As long as the key is down, you can drag the object smoothly to any spot on the layout" Pressing Ctrl while dragging the object creates a copy of the object. Pressing Alt while dragging the object allows movement of the object while "Snap to Grid" is turned on without the object snapping to the grid.

Adam Leath  Jan 07, 2014 
Printed Page 138
Step 6

"... select and move the Date Paid, Payment Aomnt, and agreementID fields." should read "... select and move the Date Paid, Payment Aomnt, and paymentID fields." The key of the child table is paymentID, not agreementID. This error carries over to the layout illustration on the next page.

Richard Lowe  Feb 14, 2015 
PDF Page 148
First paragraph

Original text: ......... To select the others, you have to press Shift and then double-click the other tabs. If you double click the other tabs, it will also mean to edit the Tab control. What it should actually mean is, to "single"- click the tab twice.

James Ho  Dec 18, 2012 
Printed Page 211
Power User's Clinic

"On page 238" should be "On page 210"

Arno Hennequin  Nov 29, 2013 
Printed Page 281
Figure box

Description of Figure 7-13 says "... Filemaker will delete the selected layout but good...". This should say "... FOR good".

Anonymous  Sep 16, 2013 
Printed Page 281
First paragraph

The final two sentences of the first paragraph start in identical ways and it appears this is an editing mistake. "The final section, Data Formatting, gives you.... . The final section, Data Formatting, pertains to..."

Anonymous  Sep 16, 2013 
Printed Page 286
3rd paragraph

3rd sentence of 3rd paragraph should begin with a capital letter.

Anonymous  Sep 16, 2013 
Printed Page 299
1st paragraph

"... you can configure any or all of these keys to go to the next record instead." This should say: "to go to the next FIELD instead."

Anonymous  Sep 16, 2013 
Printed Page 354
Bottom Box: Text Calculations

Box refers you to example on page 648.. That page is blank.

Harold Potten  Feb 08, 2013 
PDF Page 370
Up To Speed - Last second paragraph

In figure 9-5, there is no step 9 but the last second paragraph of "up to speed" says "...... and step 9 shows the calculation result."

James Ho  Feb 11, 2013 
PDF Page 399 and 400
Workaround Workshop

On page 399, it mention that RightValue() and MiddleValue() will be covered on page 430 (which should be page 400) On page 400, MiddleValue() is omitted in the Workaround Workshop to extract the parent folder

James HO  Feb 14, 2013 
PDF Page 462

I tried this two lines of script and it works. The cursor will land on the phone number field (base on the sample file for chapter 12): Go to field [Customer::Company Name] Go to Next Field BUT The TIP suggest in order to get the effect of "Select/perform" and I tried this but the cursor will never appear and so is the "select/perform" Go to field [Customer::Company Name] Go to Next Field Go to Field [Select/perform] I tried various combination of the above 3 scripts and still cannot get what the author is suggesting. I could have missed certain part and hope to find out the missing part(s)

James Ho  Feb 18, 2013 
Printed Page 578
Section: Deciding Which Table Needs a New Occurrence

The second bullet point, describing how you would link the Expense table and the Line item table in this particular scenario conflicts with the matching scenario instructions in the first paragraph at the top of the next page (579), specifically as it relates to Line Item data being displayed on the Expenses layout and the new key field needing to be created and in which table to create it. Also, it would be most helpful if, for each of the bulleted scenarios it would just come right out and say which table would need a New Occurrence.

Dave Saunders  Jan 31, 2013 
Printed Page 578
2nd to last bullet point

Just confirmation of the error noted by Dave Saunders and submitted January 31 2013. As it is, I am really confused as to which of the contradictory pieces of information (one on p578, one on p579) is correct.

Note from the Author or Editor:
I don't see another submission on this issue. Can you please describe the problem more? I need to know what information is in conflict with the bullet point on page 578. Thank you.

Michael May  Feb 05, 2013 
Printed Page 578, 579, 580,581
all pages

Page 578, 2nd paragraph One-to-one relationship is mentioned here, however how to create such thing is never explained on pages 578-580 or on earlier pages Page 579, first paragraph There are 2 instructions already here which are predecessors of steps 1 and 2 of the steps mentioned later on the page. However you easy read over them because they are not listed or bulleted. Page 580, number 4 The relationship is created, however it is a one to many, where a one to one is meant! To my opinion an additional instruction should be added: 'to allow creation of records in the child-table. Page 581, number 5 The field is not clickable, because the missing instruction from above ' to allow...' was not given. Am I right or am I wrong? Regards, Arno Hennequin

Arno Hennequin  Dec 16, 2013 
Printed Page 588
list number 3

Please be more helpful or explicit about which tables to use, e.g. 'at step 2. you used the Expenses table, in order to create TO 'Expenses-INVOICES' you need to make a new TO based on the 'Invoices' table. And so on.

Arno Hennequin  Dec 16, 2013 
Printed Page 589
2nd bullet

Please ad following text: Remember: you created this Line Item ID field earlier in the Expense-table (see page 579).

Arno Hennequin  Dec 16, 2013 
Printed Page 597
after list number 5.

Add list number 6 and add following instruction: Change Customer::City and Customer::State to lookup fields. Add list number 7 and put the last instruction sentence after it.

Arno Hennequin  Dec 16, 2013 
Printed Page 603
paragraph #1

The first paragraph on page 603 contains many instructions that follow the instructions on page 602. However the numbering stopped here and the instructions are very short. Too short. This book is a manual isn't it? Thus please help the reader writing out the instructions fully and number them accordingly. It takes too much time to compare the startfile with the finished file to get this example working.

Arno Hennequin  Dec 17, 2013