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Other Digital Version Chapter 9
Timecode 03:40

Starting at around 03:40 of Chapter 9 "Refspec", Matthew and Tim intend to show the effects of a '+' in front of the refspec at a 'git pull'. They explain that the '+' forces the destination to be overridden by the source, but in their demonstration one can clearly see that really there is a merge happening. From what I've found out, the '+' in the refspec is equivalent to the '--force' option and indeed has the desired effect. However, the problem here is caused by the comment "I'm gonna cheat. I don't need to specify both sides." (04:11) and the resulting shorthand notation: If you want to force a 'git pull', you in fact have to explicitly specify both sides using the complete '+<source>:<destination>' format. Therefore, commands that have the favored and explained effect are: * git pull --force origin master:master * git pull origin +master:master What actually doesn't work here: * git pull --force origin master * git pull origin +master (as seen in the video) * git pull --force Those commands have the same effect as a simple 'git pull' in this case: They result in a merge.

Felix Dreissig (noris network AG)  Mar 19, 2012