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Printed Page XXIV
Feedback paragraph

The sentence reads: "On our Feedback page, you can get expert answers to questions that come to you while reading, share your thoughts on this Missing Manual, and find groups for folks who share your interest in Dreamweaver." The book is about Excel 2013 not Dreamweaver.

Carl Paulus  May 18, 2013 

I am working through your missing manual for Excel 2013 and was working on pivot tables. I first read your manual then made a copy of the data to put what I had learned into practice. I started getting a problem with the grand total when filtering the columns for Ship Country and Ship City. I assumed it was me so I returned to your spreadsheet supplied with the manual but I still had the problem. I tried the e-mail address emailus@missingmanuals.com but got a message back to say the address was no longer valid. Will send detailed description to a valid e-mail address..

Russell Frearson  Apr 15, 2014 
Printed Page XXIV
5th paragraph under Feedback

"... folks who share your interest in Dreamweaver." This should say Excel, not Dreamweaver, because this is the Missing Manual for Excel 2013.

Bryan Leed  May 14, 2014 
ePub Page 1
all over

Errors are everywhere. The cut off words almost render the reading useless

timothy koerner  May 02, 2013 
Printed Page 20
Last paragraph

The book says "To see the list of possibilities, right click the status bar (Figure 1-8). Table 1-2 describes the options." The actual figure being referred to in the book is Figure 1-18. The actual table being referred to in the book is Table 1-1.

Carl Paulus  May 26, 2013 
Printed Page 24
Paragraph underneath Figure 1-19

The book says: "To get out of backstage view and return to your worksheet, press Esc or click the arrow-in-a-circle icon in the top-right corner of backstage view." The arrow-in-a-circle icon is actually at the top-left corner of the backstage view, as can be seen in Figure 1-19

Carl Paulus  May 27, 2013 
Printed Page 29
TIP at bottom of page

2nd sentence says "Usually, .xlsx and .xlsb are just as fast." I think it should be "Usually, .xlsx and .xlsm are just as fast."

Craig Jones  Apr 13, 2014 
PDF Page 273
1st paragraph

Your 1st paragraph has has a sentence that reads "you can use the AVERAGE() function, which counts all text cells as though they contain the number 0" The function that counts cells that contain text (and FALSE) as 0, TRUE as 1 is actually AVERAGEA().

Lily Humdinger  Aug 11, 2014 
Printed Page 349
Box at bottom labeled POWER USERS' CLINIC - Advanced Text Lookup

your formula =VLOOKUP(B2, B15:F81, 2, FALSE) ***AND*** the latter formula using the & and * Wildcard would both return the UNIT PRICE of the item and NOT the Product Name.

Craig Jones  Apr 21, 2014 
Printed Page 794
Figure 26-3

Figure 26-3 identifies a summary amount value within the table of $4,300.00 (cell: E19) for a Seattle Male and $2,530.00 (cell: F19) for a Seattle Female. The correct values should be: E19: $2,270.00 & F19: $3,675.00

Alan Openshaw  Jan 31, 2014