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Printed Page 48 - 50

In the section on Fingerprint Security (touch ID), there is no mention that a delay (1 to 240 minutes) is not available to touch ID, it is always "immediate". Even if you have selected a delay whilst setting your passcode, it will automatically revert to immediate.

Robin Howell  Feb 14, 2014 
PDF Page 59
Entire page

Starting with page 59, some sort of font encoding problem causes a number of pages (about 10 overall) to render incorrectly in older versions of Adobe Acrobat (the full version). Text renders with most characters showing as a "X" within a box.

Alan Kline  Mar 19, 2014 
PDF Page 60
2nd paragraph

An update, really: The text and graphic show the "Shortcuts" menu as including a list of saved shortcuts and a "+" button at the upper right corner. However, on my iPhone 5s under both iOS 7.0.6 and 7.1, the General > Keyboard menu lists the saved shortcuts and has a button at the bottom of the menu to "Add New Shortcut... >", which opens the Shortcuts menu. All that the separate Shortcut menu now does is to provide the means to create and save a shortcut. It no longer includes the list of saved shortcuts.

Alan Kline  Mar 12, 2014 
Printed Page 75
2nd paragraph "From the Recents list" and under "TIP:"

Under both sections, "Call Details" screen should be "Info" screen. In the index, "Call Details Screen" is listed on page 75 but I couldn't find a Calls Details screen.

Mavis Brauer  Jan 19, 2014 
Printed Page 86
last paragraph

text says 'below left' when the visual is top left on the facing page 87 it would also be very useful to give each illustration a ref e.g. fig 1 etc.When reading i am drawn to the illustration which may not be relevant to the text I am reading.

Terry Davis  Sep 01, 2014 
Printed Page 155

iPhone will also display green or blue in 'To:' field of new message if + is clicked to select from Contacts. When contact is selected, it is green (assuming the number is for a cell phone). Several seconds later it changes to blue if the recipient is an iDevice, is turned on, and set to receive iMessages. iMessage also shows up in the banner, and the typing window. This happens for a first time contact. After that, selecting that contact will show blue, and any previous messaging. This applies to iPhone 5 and 5S, that I know of. This information is not in the Apple iOS7 .pdf, but acknowledged by AppleCare Service.

Tim Martin  Jan 07, 2014 
Printed Page 525
Middle of the page

My phone has "Default Alert Times" instead of "Sync".

Gail Jackson  Jan 07, 2014 
Printed Page 526
Under Reminders

There is no "Sync" under Reminders on my phone.

Gail Jackson  Jan 07, 2014 
Printed Page 528
Third subtitle under Messages

"Send as MMS" should be "Send as SMS".

Gail Jackson  Jan 07, 2014