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Other Digital Version .
(Environment Setup)

ust a small point, in the environment setup link given in the second video. (Environment Setup) The web page for Mac OS X states “ It needs to be a version between Python 2.5 and Python 2.7 for this class” However when Jessica starts to use Python she uses 3.3.2. So when she gives the example type(1) She gets the output <class ‘int’> In the “old” python 2.7 you would get the output <type ‘int’> I understand that for the rest of the course, and it’s level, this might not be so important. But the discrepancy might cause issues.

Anonymous  Apr 11, 2014 
Other Digital Version 02_environment-setup.mp4

in module 2, a url is given for environment setup: this is incomplete, should be:

bjorn  Apr 25, 2014 
Other Digital Version *
United States

Please note that the 2nd section of Jessica's video ("Environment Setup") contains a URL for that links to some pre-course instructions. I believe that these instructions may need updating, as they direct the user to install (or check that they have installed) Python 2.4 - 2.7, rather than Python 3.

Anonymous  Jun 03, 2014 
Other Digital Version United States

I can't proceed with the sections until I figure this out. When running What is the capital of Georgia? Atlanta Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 60, in <module> capital_guess = input("What is the capital of " + state + "? ") File "<string>", line 1, in <module> NameError: name 'Atlanta' is not defined Also, from earlier in the lesson: >>> user_input = input("test> ") test> hello world Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "<string>", line 1 hello world ^ SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing

Anonymous  Jul 23, 2014 
Other Digital Version video 17
Video on Classes

In the class video she has "1" as a card rank. A normal 52 card deck starts with "2".

John Barnett  Oct 01, 2014 
Other Digital Version 1
Section 13 : Flashcard quizzer

The exercises worked on my MacBook, but not on a Windows PC. When I did the exercise for french_food.txt on a Windows PC, there is some encoding problem such that \xc3 cannot be read. I saved the .txt file under utf-8 just to make sure and also added # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- to the top of the .py script just to make sure. However as before, when the question gets a french symbol, the program stops and the error message is generated. Anyone the same problem?

Dennis Yap   Dec 29, 2014 
Safari Books Online 1
external materials

The link to the materials provided in the video is broken and the openhatch site returns a 500 error. For anyone looking for the material, with some googling, I've found it here:

paul hewitson  May 25, 2016 
Other Digital Version 2
bottom of slide

Your errata form is ill-suited to submitting errata relating to video content. It requires I provide a "page number" which only makes sense for printed materials (or materials formatted with fixed "page numbers"). That is not the case for the problem I wish to report. 2 dead hyperlinks given relating to this video training course. Page reference given makes no sense since one is in a video and the other is in the O'Reilly "Your Products" page from which I access the video content. 1. On the product list page ("Videos" tab) for this course, when I expand the info about the "Introduction to Python" course, on the right it provides a link to download "Practice Files". This link is a "dead link", i.e. attempts to access it result in an error. The link is Note that this link is not in the video course itself, but in the website links for me to use to access the video course content I have purchased, along with supplementary materials. 2. On one of the videos, it gives a short link which also cannot be successfully used to download the material referenced. The video in question is a 33-second "Environment Setup" which is the second segment of the course. The link in question appears in the video at about 7 seconds in; it's which expands to something that looks like some labeled part of the same page. I've tried about half a dozen times and keep getting either "Application error" or "Server error". I tried just going to the main page and it is fine so the problem seems to be specific to the page for this particular course. Fortunately I don't think for my particular case the inability to access this page is a serious problem since I already have Python installed and at least for now I'm willing to live without provided code samples, but it is irritating and makes for a poor user experience when I pay for a course and some of its materials can't be accessed. It doesn't matter that the references are to an external website; that's not my problem. You sold me this stuff, you should curate the contents and make sure it remains accessible.

Anonymous  Jan 02, 2016 
Other Digital Version 2
Overlay giving link to get Python and Editor software

In the second lecture of Introduction to Python, the author invites us to download the code and an editor, with which to continue following the video course. An overlay in the frame gives the URL: But going to that URL leads only to an Open Hatch error page. There is no other path indicated.

Anonymous  Mar 04, 2016 
Other Digital Version 4
Chapter 4, about 4 seconds in

In the fourth video ("Making Choices: booleans, if/elif/else, compound conditionals."), the word "compound" is misspelled onscreen (as "coumpound") when the video title appears about 4 seconds in.

Raja Thiagarajan  Oct 25, 2014 
Other Digital Version 10
Throughout video

Presenter is using Python 3.2.2, but Environment Setup for OS X says the installed 2.7.5 is ok. However, in the State Capitals Quizzer, she uses: input("> ") which throws a Traceback error in 2.7.5. Python 2 users can use: raw_input("> ") This happens in subsequent videos as well. But I believe the first instance is in video 10.

Charles Fishburn  Apr 12, 2014 
Other Digital Version 10
Section 10: State Capitals Quizzer

The file on a python 2.7 environment will not run. Suggest changing line 60 from: capital_guess = input("What is the capital of " + state + "? ") to: capital_guess = raw_input("What is the capital of " + state + "? ")

Francisco Salas  Mar 08, 2016 
Other Digital Version 18

The code in file: "" from, while functionally the same, does not match the code in the video.

Anonymous  Sep 23, 2014 
Other Digital Version 18 (line 6 in supplied files, approx line 22 in video version)

Wrong file name in usage error code Actual file name to be executed from command line is "" usage error in code (both versions) is print("Usage: [RACK]") should be print("Usage: [RACK]") or print("Usage: "+sys.argv[0]+" [RACK]")

Robin Dexter  Oct 28, 2014 
Safari Books Online 18

Hi, I see in the last module 18 for the "" the code the instructor is showing and running, is not what is published at the supplemental content for the It seems both code samples produces the correct results, but formatting is off and it is confused to the students since they can not follow the instructor code looking at the supplemental content.

Anonymous  Jan 19, 2017 
Safari Books Online 500
second video segment (environment setup) URL doesn't work

Introduction to Python by Jessica McKellar (video) Environment Setup the following URL doesn't work nor does the contact information on the error (shown below) this is (i am assuming the links necessary for completing the installation of Error 500 (server error) You requested a page, and we really wanted to give it to you. But we messed up. Sorry about that! We were automatically sent an email about it so we have the error recorded. (If you want to follow up to help us get it fixed, contact us.)

Mary Lou Schar  Feb 24, 2016 
Safari Books Online 500

This link doesn't work

V Dinh  Feb 25, 2016