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Printed Page Many

The Missing CD referred to in several places is not listed on the Missing CD page on the website.

Anonymous  Jul 10, 2008 
Printed Page 13
in the camera resolution chart

how many pictures listed for 2gb with a 2mp resolution says 61 but should say 1968

Printed Page 22-23
Graphic #'s reversed

Page 22 graphic should be (figure 1-6) Page 23 graphic should be (figure 1-7)

Printed Page 41
figure 1-1

"it" is spelled with 2 "i"s

Printed Page 90

Reference/URL for listing of raw compatible cameras comes back: "Page Not Found".

PDF Page 96
FAQ box

Penultimate sentence. Looks like it is missing a final word. "Click the Choose Library button to show the program where you put your." Can't believe I noticed a typo! ME? I never see them.

Anonymous  Sep 10, 2008 
Printed Page 154
top of page

You forgot to mention that if you can have iPhoto perform an OR search by holding down the shift key when clicking on additional keywords.

Printed Page 155

In the 08 version of iPhoto, Apple introduced Non-Destructive editing of photos which is the same as is used in Aperture and Lightroom. This book and the book for the 09 version of iPhoto both mention that full copies of photos are retained by the software when editing is done thereby potentially using a lot of memory.

Bill Morrissey  Dec 13, 2009 
Printed Page 178
2nd paragraph & Frequently Asked Questions box

There's a bit of confusion about which slider combinations you are recommending. There are a few different methods you mention, some which do not exist or are contradict each other: 1. ONLY the Levels control 2. Levels AND Exposure 3. "the dynamic duo of Exposure and Contrast" 4. Brightness and Contrast You state "If you've already adjusted your image using the Levels controls, then you probably won't need to play with Exposure and Contrast." Then in the FAQ box, you say "...I can create a well-balanced histogram with the Exposure and Levels sliders." That seems to contradict your first statement that you don't need to mess with the Exposure slider if using the Levels controls. Further on in the FAQ box, you say "...you may as well get into the habit of using the Exposure and Levels sliders." So which is it? Are you supposed to use the Levels sliders on their own or use both the Levels sliders and the Exposure sliders together? In the second sentence in the FAQ box you say "the Brightness and Contrast sliders do pretty much the same thing." The problem is, there is no Brightness slider in iPhoto '08. Though out the text it seems that you are saying you should choose between using only the Levels control or using the Exposure and Contrast sliders. The FAQ box seems to confuse things.

Printed Page 359
First paragraph

This book references the Missing CD in a few places. There is no missing CD on the Missing Manual website.

Printed Page 359
First paragraph

This is a great book - however, it references the Missing CD in a few places. There is no missing CD on the Missing Manual website. Big deficiency.

Anonymous  Jul 20, 2008