Media praise for Mining the Social Web

"Kudos to the organization of the book, with chapter 'encapsulation', allowing for each chapter to be read independently, for each social web network. The e-book is enjoyable because it has a lot of hyperlinks, which is quite convenient..."
-- Doron Katz,

"This fast-paced and rich handbook jumps right into the fray and provides an immediate and useful exercise in accessing the Twitter API using python and doing a very quick visualization of trending subjects. I was hooked and greedily and immediately consumed a few more of his lessons. "
-- Shawn Day, randomosity

"I got out of my comfort zone and learned several things from this book, so I recommend it to all readers who need to improve their understanding of data."
-- Jeremy Schultz, Designorati

"This book is unique in that it not only provides a classic tutorial on the concepts and algorithms for analyzing social relationships and the content created by people on the Web, but also offers readers the right tools for doing such an analysis."
-- Maria Bielikova, Computing Reviews, STU Bratislava, Slovakia