Media praise for jQuery Pocket Reference

"Overall an excellent book that clearly achieves everything that intends."
-- Stephen Chapman,

"I've enjoyed previous books by David Flanagan and decided to read jQuery Pocket Reference. I thought I would quickly skim through the chapters because I considered myself fairly proficient in jQuery. After the first chapter and Flanagan's explanations of jQuery's method, object, and function ('a' versus 'the'), I decided to read more in-depth. I'm glad, because this is one of the best books I've read in O'Reilly's Pocket Reference library. I was surprised to have found a one which has a perfect balance between API, examples, and explanation."
-- Jim Schubert, I Prefer Jim

"Considering there's only 146 pages in this pocket guide, Flanagan uses them well to pack in a lot of essential information. He balances a great mixture of core information with short code snippets to show the options in context. If you're already comfortable with JavaScript coding, this could well be your main book for learning jQuery. Between this and other web site resources, you'd probably get most everything you need. Personally, I prefer something a bit more conversational for learning, so I'd use this pocket guide as a supplemental information source. Still, it's hard to go wrong here, and it's a great value. Definitely recommended... "
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings