Media praise for Machine Learning for Hackers

"I recommend it to any programmer who needs to generate predictions or classifications from data -- using R and learning more about the statistical techniques behind the methods will help you to create better data hacking applications in the long run."
-- David Smith, Revolution Analytics

"If you’re looking for a hands-on introduction to machine learning, maybe as a prelude to or complement to a more theoretical text, you’ll enjoy this book."
-- John D. Cook, The Endeavour

"I recommend this book to anyone with interest in machine learning with a statistics background."
-- Nilesh Thatte, BCS, MBCS

"If you’re looking for a very solid, well written, overview of machine learning in R, Machine Learning for Hackers is a great starting point, as long as you’re willing to read around the subject (the recommended texts and books cited list works well)."
-- Jonathan Hammler, Compsoc -- Durham University Computing Society

"This book is truly made for hackers as it requires low level statistics and high level of curiosity to play with code, it also uses real word data on its examples making it even more attractive and fun."
-- Filipe,, Python User Group - Pernambuco, Brazil