Media praise for Embedded Android

"This is the definitive book for anyone wanting to create a system based on Android. If you don't work for Google, and you are working with the low level Android interfaces, you need this book (and I love that it cites my blog)."
-- Greg Kroah-Hartman, core Linux kernel developer

"I just wish this book would have been available when I first got into Android porting. It could have saved me months of trial and error efforts."
-- Mike Anderson, Chief Scientist, The PTR Group, Inc.

"A great resources not only for embedded Android developers but also for Android App developers to learn the wiring below the Java surface."
-- Lars Vogel, CEO, vogella GmbH

"Although Android is officially designed for mobile and tablet segments, it's unquestionably getting considered for many other product segments like automotive, UI panels like HMI, wearable gadgets, and so on. This book is highly recommended as it covers all the essential fundamentals and concepts that help developers port and develop Android based solutions for both mobile and non mobile product segments."
-- Khasim Syed Mohammed, Lead Engineer, Texas Instruments

"Embedded Android has been a great resource for our company. It is a must-have when porting Android to new hardware or integrating new features at a low level. Karim is a great instructor and his writing captures his style well."
-- Jim Steele, VP of Engineering, Sensor Platforms

"So you thought you knew about Android internals ? Well...think again! Chapter after chapter, you'll discover what's behind the scene and why Android is anything but yet another embedded Linux distribution. Get yourself ready for stepping into 'cause Embedded Android is a goldmine for anyone looking for serious hacking on Google's OS."
-- Benjamin Zores, Android Platform Architect, Alcatel-Lucent

"Definitely one of the most valuable and complete resource about the Android system stack. A must-have for every Android system engineer."
-- Maxime Ripard, Android Lead, Free Electrons

"For the first time embedded system developers have access to an open and vertically integrated stack that contains everything they need to build robust and performance Linux based products. Android's revolutionary execution model transcends phones and tablets and its application developer platform is unmatched in the industry for features and development speed. This book will allow developers a valuable resource for understanding everything between applications and the kernel and how to extend and change things to create an infinite variety of Androids."
-- Zach Pfeffer, Tech Lead for Linaro's Android team

"If you or your team works on creating custom Android images, devices or ROM mods, you want this book! Other than the source code itself this is the only place where you'll find an explanation of how Android works, how the Android build system works and an overall view of how Android is put together. I especially like the chapters on the build system and frameworks (4, 6 and 7) where there are many nuggets of hard to reverse engineer information from the AOSP source. This book will save you and your team a lot of time. I wish we had it back when our teams where starting on the Frozen Yoghurt version of Android 2 years ago. This book is likely to become required reading for new team members working on Intel Android stacks for the Intel reference phones."
-- Mark Gross, Android - Linux Kernel - Architect, Platform System Integration/Mobile Communications Group/Intel Corporation

"When I was handed a development board running Linux, and was told to "get Android running on it", it was difficult to find much information about how to bring Android up on a new device. Luckily for me "Embedded Android" became available about the same time that I was beginning development. What a lifesaver! Embedded Android gave me the kick-start I needed to understand the underpinnings of Android and what I would need to do to bring Android up on a new piece of hardware. I loved all the details and background from the boot sequence to the build system. After having read Embedded Android I felt I had a much better grasp of Android and how it interacted with the Linux kernel."
-- Casey Anderson, Embedded Systems Architect, Tendril

"I just wish this book would have been available when I first got into Android porting. It could have saved me months of trial and error efforts."
--Mike Anderson, Chief Scientist, The PTR Group, Inc.