Media praise for The Connected Company

"I was blown away by The Connected Company. Simply stated, I suspect it will go down as one of the most important management books of the early 21st century. It is a remarkable treatise on the new optimal organizational framework for businesses of the Information Age."
-- Sean Park, investor, cofounder, Anthemis

"The Connected Company is a clear, simple roadmap for business strategy in the 21st century."
-- Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive

"Dave Gray has created a masterpiece, taking the complex issue of doing business in a connected age and making it accessible, enjoyable and actionable. The Connected Company is a must read for anyone looking to build an agile, intelligent and plugged in organization."
-- David Armano, EVP of Global Innovation and Integration, Edelman Digital

"Management book of the year. Mandatory reading for any incumbent wanting to have a chance in the 21st century hyperconnected economy."
-- Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation Leader, SWIFT

"Dave Gray's vision makes sense--not only common sense, but courageous sense, which is needed at critical moments in a company's growth."
-- Richard Saul Wurman, founder, the TED conference and author of more than 80 books, including, Information Anxiety

"The Connected Company is required reading for any executive looking to take advantage of the opportunities available through emerging technologies."
-- Rachel Happe, Principal & Co-Founder of The Community Roundtable

"A provocative new perspective on building organizations that are both effective and humane. This brilliant book isn't only about building better companies, it's about creating organizations that participate actively in a connected world because they live by what they've learned."
-- Marcia Conner, coauthor, The New Social Learning, and principal, SensifyWork

"What would happen if businesses adopted Dave Gray's principles? The Connected Company offers a template for another way of thinking about how you think about your company so that it can learn, adapt, and grow over time."
-- Tony Hsieh, NY Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc.

"This book is an heavy-duty icebreaker driving a new passage through the ice-sheets that have frozen our ways of thinking about how companies must be structured and operate. Take a ride along with Dave Gray and discover how services science and design thinking can reshape how we imagine our organizations."
-- Rawn Shah, Social Business Strategist, Connected Business blog,

"This book will help any business make the shift from mechanical to human-powered--a shift that will become necessary to not just adapt, but to thrive and prosper in the future."
-- Maddie Grant, partner at SocialFish and author of Humanize

"It’s incredibly insightful about how an organization’s structure affects its ability to respond to customers, learn, grow, and be resilient in the face of change...Also, it’s extremely well written — and illustrated! Definitely a different breed for a book about business."
-- Judy Unrein,

"An excellent book that captures key points of collaboration, but from a business (and customer) driver persepctive...Technology should align with business objectives, and this book makes a clear case for collaborative technologies, but from a strategic rather than technical perspective. "
-- Dave Michels, The CIO Collaboration Network

"I highly recommend the insightful and landmark book The Connected Company by Dave Gray and Thomas Vander Wal, to any business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs who are seeking a fresh approach to creating a responsive and customer focused company that welcomes feedback and input from the empowered customer base. This book will transform your organization to meet the challenges of the new technological realities."
-- Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World

"Once in awhile, I stumble upon a great business book that answers so many questions and is appropriate for the entire life cycle of a business. The Connected Company by Dave Gray is one of those books...The Connected Company won't fix everything, but it can certainly set you up with a quick and thorough education in the why's and how's. The rest is really up to you."
-- Linsey Knerl, 1099 - MOM

"Some books are great to read from start to finish, with tons of stuff to enjoy, learn or be amazed by, but perhaps not always in the same package. However, this is one those books that has it all, and it was a real delight to read from start to finish"
-- Jude Umeh FBCS CITP, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

"Some books are great to read from start to finish, with tons of stuff to enjoy, learn or be amazed by, but perhaps not always in the same package. However, this is one those books that has it all, and it was a real delight to read from start to finish. So where do I begin? First of all, the subject matter for The Connected Company is right at the heart of everything that organisations have to deal with these days; namely, how to adapt the culture of the enterprise to make the best use of a highly connected, fast and fluid business environment."
-- Jude Umeh, The Chartered Institute for IT, FBCS CITP