Media praise for Vagrant: Up and Running

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"Mitchell's 'Vagrant up and running" gets you started with Vagrant, explaining all the important concepts needed to leverage your VMs, and demonstrating how to extend Vagrant yourself."
-- Matthias Marschall, InfoQ, Software Engineer

"I found the book very readable and easy to follow. It was refreshing to see a clear explanation of every step without overwhelming detail. The Vagrant philosophy was indeed reflected in the book itself."
-- Teodor Zlatanov,, Programmer and systems administrator

"Overall, I felt this book provided a good broad overview of Vagrant, and would be sufficient for a developer who wants to create simple sandboxed environments for testing code. It's also an ideal starting point from which you can jump off into the more comprehensive online reference documentation."
-- Paul Waring, FLOSS UK/UKUUG Newsletter, September 2013