Media praise for Industrial Internet

""The same changes in software and networks that brought about decades of Silicon Valley innovation are now reordering the machines around us," Bruner, an editor at O'Reilly Media, says. For a sense of what these changes might mean, take a look at Bruner's excellent (and free) recent report."
-- Ben Schiller, Fast Company Co.Exist, Staff Writer

"O'Reilly has published a free e-book, "Industrial Internet"... about the "coming together to software and big machines." It's a great introduction to this crucial portion of the Internet of Things... "Industrial Internet" is a must read!"
-- David Stephenson, Stephenson Strategies blog

"My colleague Jon Bruner has just published an excellent, thought-provoking report on the "Industrial Internet." You could also think of it as an Internet of BIG Things."
-- Alexander Howard