Media praise for Managing IMAP

"Any sysadmin thinking about offering imap as an email protocol should have this book as a reference. While it could use some updating, the book offers a well written starting point to understanding, setting up and administering an imap email server."
--Peter Stern, Interior Alaska Windows Networking Technology UG, February 2004

"If your companies needs are mobile, and users are reading email on everything from Web Browsers to cellular telephone, you're likely using IMAP, or at least considering it If this is the case, you should have O'Reilly's 'Managing IMAP' close at hand...a powerhouse of both conceptual and practical implementation procedures. Anyone working in the trenches of making a modern email system function for the next generation of mobile, pocket-PC-armed users needs this book. It's an invaluable resource for anyone faced with tasks as IMAP system provision, maintenance, administration, and performance tuning."
--Jeff W. Durham,

"This particular O'Reilly book is extremely good for configuration problems and gives an informed explanation in a country which would seem to be an IMAP desert. After looking around the shelves of the local bookshops for six months I haven't been able to find another book about IMAP that even gives a simple clue about how to configure IMAP. Managing IMAP does all of that for me and a lot more. I think that I would recommend this O'Reilly volume to anyone who has to do anything with IMAP!"
--Richard Ibbotson, Sheffield Linux Users Group, February 2001

"This is an enlightening read; the authors clearly know their stuff and have presented a well-written and thoroughly digestible guide to the world of IMAP."
--Richard Drummond, Linux Format, January 2001

"Managing IMAP has done a great job of cataloguing and commenting upon the various IMAP administration utilities that exist.
--David Wall, Amazon delivers Networking, November 2000

"Until now I have been unable to find a single comprehensive source of information on installing, configuring and using IMAP. Like I said, until now. Managing IMAP provides that single source of information for systems programmers, implementers, and administrators. It is an excellent resource, providing an overview of the IMAP protocol, comparisons with POP, a review of freely available IMAP clients, and extensive coverage of both CMU's Cyrus IMAPD and Washington University's UW-IMAP. If you are looking at IMAP as a mail service, or if you are using Cyrus IMAP, I highly recommend this book. My copy is already becoming pretty dog-eared."
--Dengue, OpenBSD Journal, October 2000