Media praise for Java Performance Tuning

"So you bit the bullet and wrote that big application in Java, and now the boss says it runs too slow. You'll probably want to get this book" -Marc Briand, C/C++ Users Journal, August 2001

"Provides guidance on eliminating all types of performance problems in Java, using reality-based examples to work through the tuning process in detail." --Book News, Jan 2001

"You have been working on that Java application for two weeks and it's finally ready for testing. Your window for having the web site down is ten minutes but you aren't concerned. Three hours later with the program still running, you are more than concerned. Before you panic, pick up a copy of Java Performance Tuning. This book is geared for serious developers who need to dramatically improve performance in their applications and are willing to dig deep into the code. Besides being well written, the book is fun. I found myself trying to figure out along with the author how to improve the performance of the various examples demonstrated in the book" --Thomas Paul,, April 2001

"To get the biggest bang for your buck and maximize your programs efficiency, the experienced Java developers will find Java Performance Tuning the best resource. No other book approaches the quality and depth of its techniques. Giving copies of this book to every member of your development team will save you money in the long run." Five stars." --John Zukowski, JavaWorld, March 27, 2001