Media praise for Java and XML

"good, solid coverage of most of the important aspects of XML and Java. Keep this book on your desk if you are developing XML with Java, and you won't go far wrong. EXCELLENT 9 out of 10 horseshoes" --Frank Carver,, July 2001

"Java and XML are very important current pieces of technology. Individually, both subjects stand on their own and many books have been written on them. This is the first book I have read where both technologies are combined in a powerful and useful way. I learned a lot from this book and recommend people wanting to understand the two technologies consider purchasing a copy. Rating: 9 out of 10." --Donald W. Lawson,, Nov 19, 2000

"This guide and tutorial for Java programmers is definitely recommended, but you should know Java well before you dive into Brett McLaughlin's exposition of DOM and JDOM, and SAX and XML transformations. A good part of this publication contains code--a lot of it--in hopes that you will walk through it, learn and understand, not just skim and forget. The code is also available for download." --RD, Editors Review, June 21, 2000

"particularly thorough coverage of the subject" --Major Keary, PC Update, March 2001

Top Computer Books for 2000,

"a well-written and well-rounded book and {it} does an excellent job of both enlightening and interesting the reader in this new and exciting area of development." --Linux Format Jan 2001

"Best of 2000", Dec 2000

"Best Web development books of 2000", Dec 2000

"The strength of Java and XML include the author's deep knowledge of his subject, and a writing style that is both clear and enthusiastic. The book was well written and easy to follow. The author doesn't waste time reiterating the same things over and over." --James Moran, December 2000 "McLaughlin's lucid book explains how to execute that exceptionally complicated task, addressing how to parse XML data, how to create XML from raw data with Java, and how this sort of programming works in the business-to-business worlds; recommended for large public and university libraries." --Thom Gillespie, Library Journal, August 2000

"Wer Java programmieren kann und sich mit der Verarbeitung von XML-Daten befassen will oder muss, findet genau die richtige Mischung vor. Es ist verstaendlich geschrieben (in englischer Sprache), ausfuehrlich genug, um den Leser nicht zu ueberfordern, und dennoch kompakt genug, um auch nach erstmaligen Gebrauch wieder zur Hand genommen zu werden, etwa um darin nachzulesen." --Stefan Minert, IX Magazin fur Professionelle Informationstechnik, November 20000

"Brett McLaughlin draws on his considerable expertise and experience to show the readers how to put Java and XML together and thereby build real-world applications in which both the code and the applications are truly portable. Very highly recommended for anyone developing software for electronic commerceand indispensable, invaluable reference." --James Cox, Bookwatch, November 2000

"One of the bibles of the XML developer has to be Brett McLaughlin's 'Java and XML'." --Simon Bisson, PC Plus, Jan 2002

"If you are a Java developer and you are going to be working with XML then this book is required reading. The coverage of the Java/XML APIs is excellent. 9 out of 10 horseshoes" --Thomas Paul,, Jan 2002