Media praise for Windows 2000 Quick Fixes

le books in this series are likely to become favourites of power users, this particular title also works as a good guide to such things as setting up a peer-to-peer network, and using Windows 2000 over a LAN or dialup connection oIf you need a troubleshooting reference for Windows 2000, this is a title worth checking out." -- Keith Schengili-Roberts, CanadaComputes, May 2001

"If you are running Windows 2000, run out (or log on) and buy this book. I thought I knew Win 2K pretty well, but I found out dozens of things I didn't know in just a few minutes of perusing this book...on virtually all problems I start with Quick Fixes. Most of the time, I end there." --Toby Scott, The Outer Edge, June 2001

"makes finding fixes for Win2K problems quick work. -Microsoft Certified Professional, April 2001

"O'Reilly & Associates is known mainly for publishing excellent books about programming languages and operating systems, and for catering to propellerheads' endless appetite for minor details. In Windows 2000 Quick Fixes, O'Reilly proves that it can put out equally excellent books for less technical users of operating systems--people who'd rather solve problems and move on than spend hours dwelling upon the obscure. Jim Boyce has written a very fine book that combines deep knowledge of Microsoft Windows 2000 and the networks it facilitates with a knack for writing that most anyone will be able to understand and follow. You'll almost certainly find this book handy." --David Wall,, March 2001"

"a very handy book for any reader tasked with running a Win 200 based site who doesn't want the hassle of ploughing through manuals." --Freelance Informer, Feb 23, 2001

"No matter which way you go to find the answer to your questions, the book is designed to help you find it fast. Windows 2000 Quick Fixes is a great reference book. You might be surprised at the things you didn't know how to do, or didn't know were possible. It is not written specifically for novices (the more familiar you are with TLA's (three letter acronyms), the easier it will be for you to follow along), but instead assumes a "solid computer background." For a relatively small book (272), it contains an amazing number of quick fixes to your Windows 2000 problems and questions." --Douglas Ludens, Guide to Windows 2000/NT, March 2001