Media praise for Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

"an excellent introductory primer in the use of Perl as a bioinformational tool. As such, it is highly recommended for biologists and computer scientists who are new to the field of bioinformatics."
--Darryl Nishamura, Bioinformatics and Internet Report, Vol 3 Number 2, 2002

"James Tisdall's 'Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics,' on the other hand, is exactly what the average over-worked geneticist needs. Tisdall assumes that his readers have never seen Perl, and have forgotten most of what they might once have known about programming in some other language. Over the course of a dozen chapters, he introduces Perl's basic operations and shows how they can be used to parse and manipulate common biological data formats. Experienced programmers will probably find the pace much too slow, but Tisdall's careful dissection of each example in turn s just right for his intended audience."
--Greg V. Wilson, Dr Dobbs, June 2002

"Exactly what the average, over-worked geneticist needs."
--Gregory V. Wilson, Dr Dobbs Journal, June 2002

"Newcomers to Perl who understand biological information will find James Tisdall's 'Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics'to be an excellent compendium of examples. Teachers of Perl will likewise find the text to be filled with fresh programming illustrations of growing scientific importance."
--Peter Leopold,

"Accessible to non-programmers and thus a good fit for biotech professionals who are familiar with the bio concepts and need to brush up on the practical computer science aspects of their field."
--Netsurfer Digest, Jan 11, 2002

"Well-balanced approach to applying Perl's sorting and analytical abilities to the field of bioinformatics...the focus is on teaching readers how to solve biological problems with a carefully developed library of code that happens to leverage some of Perl's most useful properties...If a bioinformaticist's job is to be able to report on interesting patterns from these various sources, then following the programming techniques that Tisdall explains in clear, easy-to-follow prose would be an excellent way to go about doing it...This modular approach is fantastic -- too many Perl books seem to focus so heavily on the mechanics of getting short scripts to work that they lose sight of how to build up a suite of useful methods and, from those methods, to develop ever-more-sophisticated applications...It's a solid book, and one that should be able to get people learning Perl, genetics, or both up to speed and working on real world problems quickly."
--babbage,, Jan 2002

"Put simply, programming is becoming a critical skill for more and more biologists. James Tisdall's timely 'Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics' will help them gain the specific programming skills they'll need in their day-to-day work. If you're a working biologist, or working on becoming one, 'Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics' will be an invaluable resource -- and we've seen nothing like it."
--Bill Camarda,, Dec 2001