Media praise for Office 2001 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
-- Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post

"I have reviewed quite a number of Missing Manual books and I am always impressed with them. David Pogue is a Mac master and the depth of his knowledge shines through."
-- Roger Bernau, ACT Apple User Group Incorporated

"I would rather go without food for three days than miss any of the Missing Manual books."
--Al Fasodt of "The Post-Standard," June 5, 2003

"I admit that I opened this book somewhat pessimistically, despite the great reputation of the whole Misisng Manual series. I have several books at work, where I use Office 98 on a PC, that are easily twice as thick, and in which I still have difficulty at times finding the information I want. Surprise! Or was it? 'Office 2001 for the Macintosh; the Missing Manual' lives fully up to the Missing Manual standards of thoroughly covering the topic, ease of use, and quality of indexing. Readability, too, for that matter."
--Carol Bruml, North Coast Mac Users Group of Ohio, September 2002

"Office has become more complex with every version, and yet less and less help is provided. Coming to the rescue is 'Office 2001 for Macintosh, the Missing Manual'...I especially liked the clear explanations and excellent illustrations. A picture is always worth a thousand words, especially for us visual learners. The book is well organized and easy to read. Helpful tips are scattered throughout as well as 'Power Users Clinics'...By reading this book, I discovered many useful features of these programs I had never known existed and expanded my horizons...would recommend this book to anyone using Office on a regular basis. Both beginners and Power users will benefit from reading this well-written book."
--Judy Haber, Fresno Mac User Group

"No truer words could be written than the phrase 'The Book That Should Have Been in the Box'...the full flavor of the office program can best be savored with the Missing Manual"
--Joan O'Brien, NCMUG, Feb 2002

"'s billed as the book that should have been in the box. Quite how this could be physically accomplished we don't know, but it's impossible to disagree with the sentiment. The book does full justice to the four powerful applications that make up Office 2001 and would be perfect for all types of users. Barber and Reynolds have produced an incredibly well-written and well-structured tome. Both basic and advanced functions are dealt with admirably. It's one thing knowing how to do something, but another to learn exactly why it's good to use particular features, and surprisingly, this is done in a manner that does not irritate or patronize the reader--no mean feat. Layout is excellent and pleasing to the eye. Over 400 screen shots are included, which really help understanding and rarely seem superfluous, as do the decent number of tips and box-outs provided. The writers appear genuinely to understand how people will wish to use Office 2001 and include sections that others may not have thought necessary --for example, how to use a PDA with Entourage or import FileMaker data. All in all, an immensely useful and enjoyable read." Verdict 5 stars."
--MacFormat, August 2001 - Editor's Choice

"easy-to-read and explains technical material in a manner that a Mac user will appreciate-including some dry humor...a bargain in my humble opinion."
--Bill Bakson, The Peel, July 2001

"It's a shame it's taken so long for the Missing Manual to arrive; I can't really imagine being truly comfortable with Office 2001 without reading it. That surprises me, as a former and future Word wonk, but it's true. What I've read so far has already made me more at ease with the software, and emboldened me to try flipping some options that previously seemed to be great mysteries to me...Thank the stars for O'Reilly & Associates and their Office 2000 The Missing Manual tome--I'll be making heavy use of it. Even the first chapter, the freaking introduction, was enough to set my mind at ease, reassuring me that yes, I can master this thing, and no, I'm not the only person daunted by it."
--Matt Deatherage, The MDJ Office Club, May 2001

"The books, written by renowned tech-book author David Pogue and others, are detailed without becoming dense, and they have just the right touch of folksy humor to put tech newbies at ease."
--Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Writer's Digest, April, 2001

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
--Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post