Media praise for Access Cookbook

"a good book with clear code and some interesting suggestions about solutions for a wide range of problems."
--Computer Shopper, Aug 2002

"If you've ever wondered how to create an Access query that uses case-sensitive criteria or how to keep a report from breaking at an inappropriate spot, check out 'Access Cookbook' by Ken Getz, Paul Litwin, and Andy Baron (O'Reilly & Associates, $49.95, ISBN 0-596-00084-7). The authors show you how to overcome these problems--and much more--for Access 97, 2000, and 2002...'Access Cookbook' isn't for the newbie Access user, but if you've worked with Access for a few months and want to improve your Access database's user interface or advance your Access programming skills, this is the book for you. The results are sure to be delicious."
--James E. Powell, The Office Letter, May 13, 2002

"The cookbook style is great for technical books. Not a reference book, but not a tutorial either, an interesting mix of both, which allows the author to present practical solutions without worrying about complete coverage of the domain... The 'Access Cookbook' contains a lot of useful material. And it isn't hidden amongst the dross as in many books about software. The cookbook style is well used to present an extremely high signal to noise ratio for this type of book..If you use Access to create applications then you will certainly find some useful recipes in this book. I suspect you will find many; I've used Access for many things over the years and found some very useful solutions and better ways of doing things I had worked around."
--Sam Holden, Computer Science Undergraduate Society, May 2002

"The title pretty well says it all, and if you work with Access or plan to or even just want to know some of the things Access can do, you need this book."
--Jerry Pournelle,, April 8, 2002

"The 'Access Cookbook' really surprised me by how it covers topics regarding Microsoft Access that none of the other reference books talk about. I have an extensive Access reference collection, and the Access Cookbook far outshines them in practical solutions to real, practical development problems, and also covers innovative ways to do things that you might not otherwise think of doing?I've been developing in Access for more than a year, and the Access Cookbook has shown me things that I never dreamed could be done inside of an 'application' versus a full-blown Visual Basic development environment. The 'Access Cookbook' is an excellent addition to any Microsoft Access developer's library."--Donna Lamb, St. Louis Visual Basic User's Group, March 2002