Media praise for IPv6 Essentials

"I'd been perusing the writing of an author who had managed to provide excellent information in a manner that I can only describe as joyful. Reading this book is almost like reading a novel by Isaac Asimov. You practically devour the book and once your done, you know you've been somewhere else for a while and you've returned changed...Whether you're ready to start implementing IPv6 or are creating plans for upcoming implementation, 'IPv6 Essentials' will provide the foundation you need to get started."
--Jim Huddle,, July 2003

"'IPv6 Essentials' does a great job of detailing the nuts and bolts of the next generation protocol for the Internet, IP version 6. Even though many of the RFCs concerning IPv6 are well written, they can be quite cumbersome to wade through. Silvia Hagen manages to distill the material of those RFCs and publish them in an accessible, one volume reference. Furthermore, Hagen addresses some very practical issues...Any network engineer planning to convert a campus environment to IPv6 would do well to get this book since you will refer to it over and over again."
--Clarke Morledge, Williamsburg Macromedia User's Group, Feb 2003

"Stellar for network administrators who wish to learn IPv6."--Jose, OpenBSD Journal, Nov 2002

'If you want to be prepared for the IPv6, take a look at this book, a chunky tome of information which provides a clear description of Ipv6 technology and its developing use in practical scenarios."
--Communications News, Nov 2002