Media praise for Using SANs and NAS

"The book takes you through the ins and outs of building and managing large data centers using SANs and NAS.", Feb 2002

"I can say this book is a must for any person engaged in storage administration."
--Virantha Mendes ,news@uk, June 2002

"If you want to know the ins and outs of these two systems, and their respective strengths and weaknesses, 'Using SANS and NAS' is probably the only resource that brings all the necessary information together in one place...very well presented, this is about practical issues and not about programming. An important resource for network and data storage administrators."
--Major Keary, Book News, 2002 No 6

"I would recommend this book to anyone considering purchasing a SAN or NAS solution."
--Lee R. Chikasue, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, April 30, 2002

"Preston wrote the book as a help for storage administrators, and he has succeeded wonderfully...The book offers a welcome and clear view on a technology that is still subject to a lot of hyped characteristics. Vendors of NAS and SAN solutions are fighting not only for market share, but especially for mindshare. Nevertheless, as Preston's book clearly shows, both technologies have their own merits and should be carefully weighed against each other. And once the choice has been made, managing these environments is not an easy task, either. Preston's book is a good reference for the buying process as well as everything that follows."--Erik Vlietinck,, April 2002

"Author W. Curtis Preston has written a delightful book on SAN and NAS that can be read on many levels. It earns the 'delightful' moniker because, unlike most computer books, it is not hard to understand, poorly organized, or geared to a small section of readers presumed to know 90% of what the author fails to say, explain or put into perspective. Even more encouraging is the fact that the author is not a cheerleader for SAN or NAS technologies. Oh sure, he says they're both useful and promising--and step by step tells how to use them--but he also cautions that SANs and NAS carry a lot of new baggage: greater complexities and configuration challenges...In sum, if you need a good guide on how to employ a SAN or NAS, or just what questions to ask the vendors of these products, read 'Using SANs and NAS'."--Storage Magazine, April 2002