Media praise for DNS and BIND

"If you're a TCP/IP network administrator, these three books published by O'Reilly on networking {'DNS & BIND;' 'TCP/IP Network Administration;' 'Practical Unix & Internet Security'} are indispensable. These three guides are essential to managing a TCP/IP network."
--, March 2002

"The DNS bible...If you're an system administrator with responsibility for DNS management, this book is a must."
--Andrew Ward, Computer Shopper Feb 2002

"The work of Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu, now in its fourth revision, has long been considered a classic among systems administrators and network architects, particularly those with a Unix bent. Throughout, Albitz and Liu maintain their impeccable style, combining text and illustrative listings into an educational whole."
--David Wall,

"One of the Top Ten Books for 2001."
--Peter H. Salus, login: Dec 2001

"generally considered to be the DNS admin's bible"
--David Coulson, Linux Format, August 2001

"Now into its fourth edition, updated to cover BIND 9, the O'Reilly textbook has already attained classic status. DNS and BIND can be found on the shelf, or more likely open on the desk, of most clued-up system administrators. Don't expect a fun read--the subject matter is a little dry for that--but if you like your Unix and want to truly understand how DNS works in general and in practice within your enterprise, this is the book to buy."
--Davey Winder, PC Pro, September 2001

"an essential reference for systems and network administrators."
--Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin, August 2001

"another worthy book from O' is a worthwhile read for anyone involved in network or system administration, and essential reading and reference for any DNS Administrator."
--Nick Drage, Northants Linux Users Group, 27th July 2001

"an excellent resource for more information on managing DNS across network boundaries."
--Steve Blass , Network World, 06/25/01

"an invaluable reference on one of the fundamental building blocks of the impressive contribution to professional computer reference shelf collections."
--James Cox, Midwest Book Review, June 2001

"Widely regarded as one of the best technical books ever published, 'DNS and BIND' is now out in its fourth edition. This update's a welcome one--the previous edition came out in 1998--and it pretty much guarantees that this book will remain a staple on network administrators' bookshelves for years to come."
--David Wall and Teri Kieffer, Delivers Computer Networking & Operating Systems, May 30, 2001

"To learn more about DNS configuration, the best book around is 'DNS and BIND' from the O'Reilly Nutshell series." --Laura Wonnacott, Infoworld, February 2001

"This is one of the first books I had in my collection and is perhaps the best work O'Reilly ever published. 'DNS and BIND' is written about the BIND (UNIX) version of DNS but much of the info pertains to both the NT and the UNIX versions. You will find many examples to show you how things should be set up. Even a beginner can quickly become a DNS expert after reading this book.", March 2000

Reviews From Previous Editions:

"I consider this book to be essential documentation for anybody who is responsible for a domain."
--Adrian Wontroba, C Vu, September 1997

"I [am] the happy owner and user of...'DNS and BIND.' It has been a great help to me over the last few weeks as I have struggled as a 'newbie' to set up a plethora of domains for our clients."
--Godfrey N. Nix, C.Eng MBCS B.ScTech(Hons), Network Operations Manager East Midlands Network Ltd (emnet),

"I picked up my knowledge of DNS piecemeal, first as a user and then as a sysadmin running an inherited nameserver. And I learned most of what I know about nameserver maintenance the hard way--a process which would have been much less painful if I had had a copy of 'DNS and BIND' to guide me. If you are running a nameserver then I would definitely recommend ownership of your own copy. You may well be familiar with the basics already and you may not need the more esoteric information, but name service is sufficiently critical that getting the ordinary complexities right is essential. Albitz and Liu are excellent guides to both the main boulevards and the crooked side-alleys of the DNS."
--Danny Yee, Copyright (c) 1997 Danny Yee ( [Disclaimer: I requested and received a review copy of 'DNS and BIND' from O'Reilly & Associates, but I have no stake, financial or otherwise, in its success.]

"The bible for DNS and its associated lookup routines is 'DNS and Bind.'"
--Peter Collinson, Sun Expert, May 1998

"The best book on DNS that I know of is 'DNS and Bind' by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu."
--Doug Shaker, Boardwatch, June 1995

"If you're going to st up a DNS Server, save yourself some headaches and get yourself a copy of the definitive book of the subject, 'DNS and Bind.'"
--Windows Sources, February 1995

"A clear, straightforward, and sometimes even lighthearted text to make the learning process as painless as possible."
--Robert Slade, Computer News, Vol II, Issue 10

"For any DNS question--general or specific--make sure to read 'DNS and Bind,' the seminal work by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu. This book is what convinced me, in May 1994, that setting up services on the Internet was a learnable and doable proposition."
--Glenn Fleishman, NETGUIDE, August 1996

"To understand DNS, you'll need to consult the standard reference text, O'Reilly & Associates', 'DNS and Bind.'
--Jason Levitt, Information Week, October 21, 1996

"We recommend 'DNS and Bind' to help you get over the hump on this one. We've seen it make DNS pros out of many of the formerly lost."
--Jack Ricard, Boardwatch, February 1997