Media praise for Python Cookbook

"I have no reservations recommending this book."--Tim Penhey, Cvu, Feb 2003

"The 'Python Cookbook' is superb. Demonstrably so, in fact. Most book reviews are matters of judgment and discrimination, dependent on the taste and wisdom of the reviewer. PC's quality is so unique that it deserves a different, more objective style of review... PC is so good that it's hard to go wrong buying a copy for yourselves or others. I write that with confidence because the words aren't mine. Shortly after PC hit the bookshelves at the end of summer, Python programmers began talking about it--at interest group meetings, over lunch, and in all sorts of online forums. Agreement was near universal that the book is extraordinary."
--Cameron Laird, Unix, Jan 7, 2003

"I can recommend the 'Python Cookbook' wholeheartedly to anyone who has passed into the advanced stage of language learning and is willing to actually sit down and work through the code. Anybody who is looking for a deeper understanding of Python, solutions to common coding problems, or starting points for their own projects will also profit....The editors have done a good job of nailing the parrot."
--Nice2Cats,, October 9, 2002