Media praise for Programming ASP .NET

"The Best of 2002: Staff Favorites, Computing & Internet Books"--Barnes &

"But there's still a need for a good book on the subject. There are several out there, but 'Programming ASP.NET' by O?Reilly is particularly excellent. One measure I use to decide whether I'll buy a book is if it will solve a problem for me. By using this metric, the book would pay for itself several times over."
--Mark Newton, PC Pro, November 2002

"'Programming ASP.NET' is the best book I have read on the subject. Written by Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz, the book is the best reference I have seen. Chocked full of examples in both C# and VB.NET, the authors make it clear that C# is their language of choice. However, if you prefer VB.NET, the authors do an excellent job of presenting the same quality of material in VB.NET as in C#."
--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, June 2002

"Overall the authors do a great job of covering ASP .NET essentials, somewhat slanted towards database applications. The book has a real-world feel to it and does not skim over problem areas. It is nicely written, and working through the examples is a good way both to learn ASP.NET and to get a feel for what it can do."--Tim Anderson, March 2002

"A very detailed book that gets right down to the nitty-gritty and never comes up for air. I'd recommend it highly for those programmers who already know C# or VB.NET and want to get down to the details and program ASP.NET."
--Andrew Novick, .NET User Group of Greater Boston, 10/9/2002

"Suitable for most any programmer who wants to master ASP.NET with an eye toward real-world development, 'Programming ASP.NET' is an excellent resource that mixes good coverage of APIs with actual programming techniques and advice using Visual Basic .NET and C#. The combination places it in the forefront of currently available titles on ASP.NET. Written in part by veteran computer author Jesse Liberty, this book offers an excellent mix of coverage of important ASP.NET features that you will absolutely need to use for real-world programming...The pace of this book is just excellent...Illustrated throughout with samples from VB .NET and C#, 'Programming ASP.NET' is a worthy addition to the O'Reilly lineup and one of the best available titles for learning ASP.NET. The authors have achieved an excellent balance of practical, hands-on examples and essential programming techniques with the most important APIs and features, all without getting bogged down in the richness and complexity of .NET itself."
--Richard Dragan, amazon.,com, April 2002

"The authors have written a great reference book on ASP.NET for use by both C# and VB.NET programmers. Unlike other reference books, it is not a list of classes, but rather a concise tutorial. Users at every level will appreciate this approach. I highly recommend this book to ASP.NET programmers."
--CompuNotes Issue #183

"'Programming ASP.NET' by Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz is very succinct and very direct, very quickly yet still effectively explaining how ASP.NET works and how it does what it does. The book satisfies a growing concern from the .NET developer community, in displaying all of the code examples in both Visual Basic .NET and in C#, all compatible with ASP.NET V1. And while very thorough, the book manages to come out at a very healthy 900 pages, but true to form with O'Reilly?s library, still manages to physically be a good size for desktop companion. (I held this book in my lap while replicating many of the code examples, and it didn?t cause my legs to go numb, like with many other texts.)...I don't normally use a ratings system, but if I did, this would have been 4.5 out of 5...This book is a 'must buy' for development enthusiasts."--Jason Salas,, March 2002