Media praise for REALBasic: TDG

"When O'Reilly uses the words 'the definitive guide' in a book's title, then readers can be assured that it is true to essential reference and resource for REALbasic programmers and those who want to learn REALbasic. Excellent typographic design, comprehensive coverage of the subject, well-written, and convenient lay-flat binding."
--Major Keary, AUSOM News, March 2002

"Great news for amateur programmers who would like to create down-and-dirty programs (and mighty complex ones, too) that run on Macintosh and Windows computes. A new book by REALbasic guru Matt Neuburg explains in decipherable English the shareware programming language that the bulk of Mac software hobbists use Neuburg's book is a welcome sauce to the main dish."
--James Coates, Chicago Tribune, Nov 12, 2001

"Matt Neuburg is an excellent writer. Although much of the material is technical, his prose consistently feels like it was written by a "real" person who enjoys the process, who cares about his readers, and who considers every word before clicking he SAVE button. Layout, design, structure, style, code examples, and screen shots all are clear and focused on the items under discussion. REALbasic: The Definitive Guide is a a masterpiece of organization and mental engineering. In spite of its brain-expanding content, we encounter occasional side-splitting humor, making the experience more well-rounded?This "definitive guide" is so thorough and comprehensive it is difficult to imagine one person writing it in ten years, much less programmer, but if I were I would sequester myself with the book and software for a looooooooong time to glean the accumulated wisdom of the author and the many people he credits for support. MacMice Rating: 5 out of 5."
--John Nemerovski, MyMac, Dec 2001

"an essential reference and resource for REALbasic programmers and those who want to learn REALbasic."
--Major Keary, Book News, Dec 2001

Reviews from First Edition:

"Matt Neuburg's excellent writing and broad range of topics makes REALbasic: the Definitive Guide and easy-to-understand and very useful book for programmers entering the world of REALbasic."
--Paul E. Sevinc, MacTech, May 2000

"Matt Neuberg's REALbasic: The Definitive Guide is a diligent and thorough introductory text forREALbasic 2 on the Macintosh, an object-oriented programming environment based on components and BASIC. Even if you've never programmed before, this title--combined with the power and ease of use of REALbasic--is all you need to start writing your own software for the Maco In all, REALbasic: The Definitive Guide serves its purpose well as a one-volume reference and tutorial to getting the most out of this capable tool, whose functionality certainly rivals any of today's RAD-style programming environments."
--Richard Dragan,, Jan 2000

"REALbasic is another popular tool, and with a new book available from O'Reilly, learning to use REALbasic has never been easier."
--John C. Daub, Mactech, Dec 1999

"I am enjoying reading Matt's plainspoken, literary prose, in which he takes a complicated subject and makes his companion feel comfortable at every stage of the journey. My conclusion is, if you are thinking about using REALbasic version 2 as your software development tool, you have an exceptional friend in Professor Neuburg. The software is good, its official manual is less than perfect, and this third-part book is a delight to the eye and brain. Our Book Bytes rating is for people who intend to take the plunge: MacMice Rating: 4"
--John Nemerovski, Book Bytes, My Mac Magazine, February 2000

"As a first programming tool, REALbasic is a perfect choice, and so is this patient, thorough, and intelligently written book, which guides new users in building their first programs. For more experienced readers, it makes a capable reference to the wide range of features available in REALbasic."
--Richard Dragan, March 2000

"the standard reference for REALBasic programmers from newbie to advanced"
--MacTech, August 2000