Media praise for Perl & LWP

"The indispensable guide to learning LWP and using it effectively."
--Netsurfer Digest, Feb 14, 2003

"'Perl & LWP' is a solid, no-nonsense book that will teach you how to do screen-scraping using Perl...Excellent introduction to extracting and processing information from web sites...The book is well-written and to-the-point. It is structured in a way that mimics what a programmer new to the field would do: start from the docs for a module, play with it, write snippets of code that use the various functions of the module, then go on to coding real-life examples. I particularly liked the fact that the author often explains the whys, and not only the hows, of the various pieces of code he shows us...rating 9."
--mir,, August 19, 2002

"Salted with plenty of examples, the book covers the whole process of navigating HTTP, downloading content, and parsing it into something usable."
--Rick Wayne, Software Development, September 2002