Media praise for Building Secure Servers with Linux

"There's a lot of practical advice from [author Michael] Bauer's day-to-day 'bastioning' with Linux and UNIX systems, offered in a comprehensive, enthusiastic manner...'Building Secure Servers with Linux' deserves a spot on the bookshelf...Besides, its $44.95 retail price is pretty small compared to any of the numbers to be found in an Annual Loss Expectancies Report. Bottom line: Buy"
--Rogers Cadenhead, Linux Magazine, January 2004

"It is important to realize that no one set of guidelines can ever be considered the "holy grail" of system security; however, using techniques explained in this book, the intermediate-level sysadmin can quickly enhance the overall security of a Linux system. It is a text that I will certainly keep within reach, coupled with my O'Reilly 'Linux Firewalls,' as a quick reference to system security."
--Norman Elton, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, October 2003

"While the name of the book suggests a lot of Linux-specific material, in actual fact virtually all of the material would apply to any modern Unix-like system such as one of the BSDs...An ambitious book which quite successfully covers a large number of topics. Linux Format Rating: 9 out of 10."
--Chris Howells, "Linux Format," April 2003

"'Building Secure Servers with Linux' really does provide an excellent practical guide to best practices for secure hosts. Anyone seeking to set up any manner of internet service would be well advised to start here."--Martin Howse, Linux User & Developer, Issue 26

"From the author of Linux Journal's 'Paranoid Penguin' column comes what may be the best-ever, common sense guide to securing network attached Linux servers. While Bauer admits that the only true way to secure a server is by disconnecting it and powering it down, he writes for those who must maintain always-on, connected servers (and for whom other suggested securing techniques such as drive degaussing and pulverizing are simply out of the question)...The concepts and methods applied in this book give the Linux Administrator not only a wonderful guide to the intricacies of systems security, but also a conceptual toolbox and a deep understanding of common sense security techniques. Recommended."
--Wayne Bridges,, August 2003

"For those who read Linux Journal's Paranoid Penguin column, this book will seem like an old friend. Many of the topics and material covered in that column over time, are in this book. Yet, this book is not simply a collection of columns. The content is extended, Michael is able to put more depth and explanation in the chapters of a book than in a page or two in the LJ...Overall this book is excellent for the system administrator. It is full of solid concepts and examples. While not intended to cover other Unix-like operating systems, much of the book would apply to them with minor changes. In other words, a must-have book for Linux Admins, and a should have book for Unix admins."
--Bill Anderson, Linux in Boise Club, February 2003

"Excellent! Easy to read, provides quality material, must have for each system administrator."
--JavaDesk, Israel, January 2003

"Of particular interest to admins of larger and/or more complex networks is the discussion on how to assess the most vulnerable part of your network in order to prioritize the process of securing it...Look at the table of contents. Each subject mentioned therein is dealt with clearly, consistently, and comprehensively. Read the preface and back cover. Everything promised is fulfilled within the book. They also provide an excellent guide as to whether the information you are looking for is contained within. If that's the case, I recommend this book."
--Helen McManus, LinuxChix, January 2003