Media praise for Perl Graphics Programming

"Perl has enormous potential for automating graphics tasks, and for anyone with a serious interest in graphics--whether web-related or not--'Perl Graphics Programming' is well worth reading...Anyone interested in the technical innards of SVG, SWF, PDF, and PostScript formats will find information here that is not usually found in other graphics texts. There is a lot of example code, and extensive reference material relation to various Perl modules."
--Major Keary, PC Update, September 2003

"'Perl Graphics Programming' (PeGP) is the single information technology (IT) book I'm happiest to see this year. Not only is PeGP's content hard to track down, but many of the people who most need it don't even realize that the software PeGP covers exists. Moreover, the book is compiled with enough care to make an attractive and coherent reference of exactly the kind that deserves to be on paper, rather than online. Finally, despite its title, the book is valuable to programmers working in a variety of languages, not just Perl."--Cameron Laird, UnixReview, April 2003